Hey Sleepyhead Event with Mattress Firm

I recently touched upon how important it is to invest in quality bedding and mattresses to ensure that you get the rest you need to be a normal, functioning, healthy human being because I don’t know about you, but I am a completely different person if I feel sleep deprived at all. I loooove my rest.

You know what else I love? Old fashioned sleepovers! Growing up, I loved nights in with my girlfriends playing boardgames, prank calls, choreographing dances, baking cookies, eating pizza, painting our nails and watching scary movies- now that is my jam. I swear I will never grow out of it and even now, I love the nights with my boyfriend or friends where we play games or order in or or listen to music and just talk. Anything that recreates that fun, carefree element of hanging out with friends- I’m all into. Not to mention, a night of watching spooky ghost movies- count me in!

I was so excited when Mattress Firm (Formerly Sleep Train) and I teamed up for the Hey Sleepyhead event and brought these fun elements into a party theme! Cookies, donuts, yummy kombucha, guided mediation, gifted pjs and slippers, massages, and hair braiding completed the event where influencer/blogger/friends could just get together and enjoy a Sunday evening having fun and hanging out while indulging in some wonderful things that help us relax!

We were all treated not only to the amazing services that helped us relax, but also some phenomenal goodie bags filled with treats that are designed to make you feel zen and happy!

One of my favorite things was getting the chance to try out which bed we like most! It really is interesting to see what appeals the most and how varying our opinions were. Some like soft, some like firm, and since this girl loves getting some shut eye- I was all about it! Their Dream Bed was a crowd favorite though!

Mostly, this afternoon gave us all a chance to invest some time in ourselves and our health. Between the guided meditations, green juices, and massages- it was a fun break and great to enjoy a different sort of event that focused on straying away from the craziness of life and focusing on getting in touch with our zen. The girl talk and meeting and introducing new friends was also wonderful too! ;o)

Thank you to all the yummy, amazing, talented contributors to our special afternoon!

organicgirl (green juices): @iloveorganicgirl

revive kombucha: @revivekombucha

Cinta Salon (braid bar): @cinta_salon

Kim Sin Yoga (meditation): @kimsinyoga

Dynamo Donut: @dynamodonut

KaMasaJei (massage): http://www.kamasajei.com/


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