My Breakfast Recipes from Bob’s Red Mill Products

I love carbs. I crave them. They literally bring joy to my life. However, my metabolism isn’t exactly as amazing as it was when I was a teenager. I’m still lucky but I can feel the effects of days filled with only pizza, waffles, and sandwiches, a bit more.

I will never go for a diet that eliminates carbs – I believe in balance in pretty much all things (unless you are REALLY passionate about something) and eating is included. However, I do love Bob’s Red Mill products because for those carby snacks or ingredients, like flour or protein powders or oats, they add really healthy additions. Not to mention, most of their products are made from whole grains which promote a healthy gut. And if you didn’t know, a healthy gut is very crucial to your all around health. It can affect brain health, immune system, heart health, and even body weight regulation. So as you can see, it’s good to find products that will infiltrate all this goodness into your diet easily.

Since this sort of healthy living and balance interests me, I was scanning their products and when I saw their pancake/waffle protein mix, I knew I had to have it. It was a double whammy for me! I don’t retain muscle easily so I was excited that there was a protein addition that may mildly help my efforts in strength training while also satisfying that carb craving that I am a slave to.

When I tried the mix, the thing that happily surprised me was that it didn’t sacrifice any taste and flavor. I paired my breakfast with some fruit and topped with butter and syrup (because I’m sorry, it’s just not a pancake breakfast without it) and gobbled it down. It was absolutely delicious and the fact that they put protein and a bit of psyllium in there for fiber, definitely made me feel like I could indulge but that I was also doing some good for my body too.

On top of the yummy pancakes, I love drinking a good breakfast shake during the week that can help give me vitamins but also give my body what it needs to function like a normal human in the AM (I’m just not naturally a morning person). I love psyllium fiber and take it every day as it generally just makes my tummy feel good and if I can get that fiber in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore-(a quick shot of it with water/juice)- aka in a delicious fashion, I’m happy camper!

I tossed a spoonful of fiber, chai, (both from Bob’s Red Mill – I’m OBSESSED with the Chai), half a banana, cocoa powder, vanilla yogurt (or ice cream works if you are going the dessert route), and almond milk in the blender with some ice. Blend well and drink up and enjoy a delicious chocolate, chai shake that’ll give your body what it needs but also tastes AMAZING!

So this is just my breakfast route. Stay tuned down the line because I also have a sweet tooth and with their coconut sugars, oats, and various types of healthier flours- I know I will be experimenting the cookie route. Check them out if you are like me and love food, want balance, strive for healthy eating, but don’t want deprivation. Bob’s Red Mill is your key to success!


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