How to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep with Essentia

When I don’t get the rest I need, I realize how much I need sleep and how much better of a person I am all around when I sleep well. I have always been a solid sleeper. I can run off seven, need at least eight, but prefer nine to ten hours to be my best self. (It sounds a little excessive I know but what can I say? I love catching my winks!) What do I usually get? About eight, thankfully. Weekends when I don’t have much going on, I strive for nine to ten because you know that phrase “I’ll sleep when I die”? Yeah I think that’s stupid.

Our body needs sleep to be healthy and refuel, replenish and reactivate. (Notice all the “re”s there?) It’s our battery charging time and it is vital for our all around well-being, both physically and mentally. There are a few things that I do to ensure that I get what I need so I can be a normal member in society and catch enough Zzzzz’s. Sometimes the Sandman seems to go on vacation so we have to take matters into our own hands and these are the top ways to do it.

Turn off the electronics

Bye TV, bye phone, bye iPad. Time for you to recharge so it is time for them too. The Kindle (see below) is the only one I’ll allow but if it’s a Fire, don’t be going on those apps!

Read before bed

I love to read but sometimes the paper or dim lights of my Kindle really knock me out. I’ve literally noticed my eyes drooping. Just the other day, I was reading on the couch at 5 PM on a Sunday and left them drooping and just conked out for two hours. It was a glorious nap but unexpected and definitely a guarantee to help relax your body.

Essential Oils

My sister is a big fan of essential oils and makes sure that I am stocked up on everything I need, especially the ones that ease stress and anxiety. I love those oils and they remind me to breath deep and create a spa-like ambiance in my bedroom which always relaxes me right away!

Keep the Room Cool

A cooler room enables a better night’s rest. It is better for your body and keeps the night sweat’s down, assisting in regulating your body’s temperature.

Go to bed at a decent time – i.e. try to get 8 hours!

Time out your day and do your best to get at least 8 hours which is always recommended. I know some people run better on certain times and definitely do what’s right for you but I would say if you aren’t sure, go for 8!

But one of the most important and overlooked things is to invest in quality bedding, pillows and mattresses.

I didn’t realize how important this was until I tried out Essentia pillows! It was a phenomenal to see the difference. Not only was it comfortable but trying out the pillows definitely improved our body alignment and helped out any aches and pains from sleeping in funky positions.

There was another thing that I found to be really important especially for someone like me who has allergies to dust and certain plants but these pillows (and their other products) have a memory foam made from hevea milk (or rubber tree sap). In lieu of fibers it is created with these natural foam bits and shredding latex. The combination creates a material that is ideal for the environment and your sleep. In other words- they offer the first natural memory foam and they don’t use any animal bi-products to boot! Win-win!

I’m very grateful to have upped my bedding game. Think about it, we spend a hefty fraction of our lives in bed so we might as well we make it the most comfortable and wonderful experience as possible!

How cozy does my little Essentia pillow naptime oasis look? Don’t you just wanna dive in? I know I doooo!


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