KitTea for a Purrrfect Afternoon

I of course have a few favorite bloggers/blogs and Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of them. When Emily, a proud cat lady, recently discussed her visit to Japan and mentioned these cafes where you get to play with the kitties, I was intrigued. Japan is on my must-visit list but that will be a far way off so when KitTea invited me to check out their facilities, it was kismet (haha… or kit-met? I’m sorry prepare for some cheesy puns right now!).

I’m allergic to cats but LOVE animals so I popped a Claritin and headed on over alongside my best friend, Laurel. It was so adorable! They had a shop with fun, artsy, punny, and cute cat-related products and a cafe that has a pretty great menu.

The shop and cafe have windows that you can see where the cat area is so if you are just in for a quick spree or relaxing snack or cup of tea, you can still see the cats and enjoy watching their silly, adorable behavior.

However, there is nothing quite like being in there with the little babes. There were quite a few and all were very well taken care of, very friendly and very used to being around different people. There were toys, books, and seating in there that allowed you to just unwind and enjoy the company of the cats whether that was petting, watching or playing.

Of course they all had their fun personalities. I took a liking to one who was all about her tummy being scratched. Having grown up with dogs, this is what I’m used to and she and I were both happy to be cuddle buddies. There was also a black cat in there who had a favorite spot next to a collage of pictures. She stared at one picture in particular and the story behind it is hilarious…

So, this collage is filled with pictures of dapper, hipster, good-looking men holding cats but there is one on the end that has a man NOT holding a cat and that’s her favorite. They told us that the theory is is that she wants to be his cat and has a little crush on him. Haha so silly and so adorable! (picture below).

While we snuggled with the cats, Laurel and I enjoyed sipping on our green tea and catching up. I don’t have any pets right now. My baby girl dogs that I adore and grew up with lived long, happy lives and have now passed and my landlord does not allow pets. Granted, I have my nephew dog Cooper but I don’t get to see him as often as I like and I really miss the camaraderie, happiness and love that having an animal around brings. KitTea offered a wonderful solution to help de-stress and enjoy that joyfulness that cats/dogs/bunnies/whatever you love can bring.

Check it out soon! KitTea is in Hayes Valley which is one of my favorite areas in the city! Bring some cozy socks (no shoes allowed in with the cats), a thirst for some delicious tea and an open heart because these little guys will for sure steal it!




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  • Omg! I have been wanting to go to this place for months. I’m so glad you shared your experience! It sounds so adorable. Do you have to make a reservation, or can you just stop in anytime?

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