Freemark Abbey Winery

The city is wonderful but sometimes, you just gotta get out! I was so craving a day away so I could enjoy nature a bit more and just have a change of scenery. We ventured up to St. Helena on a Saturday to feed this urge and it was just what the doctor ordered! I absolutely love wine country and it gives me this sense of relaxation and adventure that feels a bit different than anywhere else. I love learning about the art and science of viticulture and most importantly, tasting (and feeling) the product of the efforts. It’s the perfect combination of enjoyment and culture.

I hadn’t explored too much of St. Helena before so when we drove up to Freemark Abbey Winery, I knew I was in for a treat. The surrounding area is simply gorgeous and the property of this particular winery was warm, welcoming, beautifully landscaped and had all of those intricate Italian details that every gorgeous winery does. I love my Italian heritage and to be submersed in Napa, which can very much look similar to Tuscany, always gives me a fresh wash of gratitude that I have opportunities to enjoy it available to me.

When we went into the winery, I first noticed how gorgeous the interiors were with wooden details galore. I love wood furniture too just as a piece of art so I was already starting to get excited to explore further. We were greeted by a very friendly staff and were hosted by Grace Hoffman who set up a gorgeous California Cab tasting for us. She was very knowledgable and had a contagious passion for the wine industry and was a joy to talk to.

We felt very spoiled as she explained the delicious options of tastings as told us the story of the vineyard over the last century and all the families who have owned it. It definitely had a fascinating history and though there has been a lot of owners, they all kept the authenticity and spirit of the original owners and mission of the winery.

They recently did some construction too and have gorgeous halls and rooms for tastings, events and entertainment and a stunning area for members to enjoy a glass of wine, fresh charcuterie boards and a beautiful bit of property to enjoy.

We with a new special bottle of wine to open on a happy occasion, purple teeth, and happy! Definitely looking forward to our next visit and popping open our bottle of cab before then!



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