The Best Avocado Toast Recipe with La Tourangelle

There are certain meals that are just made from such simple, good ingredients that they top the list of favorites. Avocado toasts are one of them. With healthy ingredients that are usually staples on a grocery list, it is the to-go quick meal in our home.

There are so many versions of avocado toast but this way is my absolute favorite. No matter what variations, additions, or toppings I use though, La Tourangelle’s avocado oil always tops my list. The quality of the oil is incomparable and the flavors coincide with the star ingredient (obviously) so nicely that it makes such a delectable inclusion and key part of my toast!

La Tourangelle has some amazing artisan oils and flavors to their name, in addition to the avocado oil. Their selection adds that extra zing of creativity when creating recipes. Avocado oil though is our personal favorite however, not just for avocado toasts but also for salads. Be sure to check out their inventory, their seasonal flavors are extra fun for those culinary lovers at heart.

To try out my favorite recipe, follow the instructions below:

  1. Place the La Tourangelle avocado oil  in a hot pan and fry bread until both sides are cripsy and brown.
  2. Afterwards, place slices of avocado on bread and sprinkle salt and red pepper flakes to your liking.
  3. To finish, place two fried eggs on top that are seasoned with salt and pepper. Make sure to fry in the avocado oil as well for cripsy whites and delicious flavor!

Thank you to La Tourangelle for making this post possible! And thank YOU my lovely readers for supporting the brands who support my blog. Also… Amy Webster, you are so talented! Thank you for the gorgeous collab and pics!


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