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My sister is 7 years older than I am so from a very young age, I remember an off-limits drawer in our bathroom filled with make-up. It was like a candy store to me! I mean not only did the lip glosses and colored palettes of shadows and blushes literally look edible but there was also this forbidden aspect to it as I was, of course, too young to wear it but also, not allowed to play with it since it was her collection.

It is probably because of this that I had an interest in make up fairly young. Of course we want what we can’t have! It’s human nature to have your natural curiosity spike like that! I did love it once a year though during dance recitals when my mom put a little rouge on me and lipstick for stage make up. I was SO excited at that novelty. The only other type of make up I was able to wear for a long time for the remainder of the year was lip gloss, hence my amazing Lip Smackers collection, reputation for always having a chapstick on me and an embarrassing aol screen name in middle school that I will keep disclosed.

Since then, I have developed a healthy relationship with make=up I think. I don’t hide behind it, I do believe for the most part less is more, but I LOVE to play with it and experiment! I’ve figured out over the years what looks good and for the most part, it is not colorful eye shadows. At least they won’t photograph well, that’s for sure.

I recognize what shades fit my skin tone and coloring and if I’m helping someone else, what fits theirs. I also know how to get really fancy with it but know that there is a time and place to do so. Not to mention, I have a passion for skincare and finding products that do not have parabens or any extra chemicals. I have found quite a few amazing brands that make quality make-up that is also healthy, easy to have. Luckily, they aren’t hard to find and you can just pop onto Amazon and get them shipped straight to ya! No muss, no fuss!

Check out below for some of the best finds that I use regularly on Amazon!

Tarte Face Make-Up

I love Tarte! The branding is adorable and most importantly, the line is void of any harsh chemicals that will hurt your skin! I use Tarte for both concealer and foundation and I won’t use anything else!


Acure has the best natural products! I use them for face washes, face masks and this brightening scrub is also amazing. When I use their products I feel like I’m doing my skin a favor without putting anything harmful on it. It has kept my skin clear and my complexion even!

The Wet Brush

For someone with thick, curly hair like me, this brush is a Godsend! It doesn’t tear or break my hair and I can use it on wet or dry hair. It makes it smooth and takes one less thing out of the equation when doing my already too-high-maintenance hair.


Argan Oil

To my point above, it makes my life easier and keeps my locks healthy and more mangeable.

Crest White Strips

Everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile and these pups really do work! I use them about once every week and they really make a difference. Especially if I have any wine or coffee.


In order to make my hair cooperate, I need high end, salon-quality shampoo and conditioner or else it is hopeless. Pureology is sold at a great price on Amazon and has been my favorite for years! I am a big believer and love that Amazon has made it easier for me to get!


Ok I’m going to be a lecture-y mom right now, but anyone who doesn’t put sunscreen on their face everyday under their make up is literally asking for wrinkles! My mom got on my sister, dad and my case from the get go to wear this every single day, even if the sun isn’t out, and I am SO happy I listened. Sun damage is no joke but finding a sunscreen for your face that is compatible with everyday living and won’t be greasy can be challenging. I LOVE Coola! The texture is amazing and it really is a fabulous, natural product. Oil of Olay isn’t bad either, just less natural.

Avalon Organics

I love going to sleep with a clean, moisturized face. Anything with Vitamin C is crucial for skincare and this product is healthy, smells amazing and is a wonderful jolt of Vitamin C.

Rosebud Salve

Smells amazing, good for those puckers and all natural!

Vitamin C Serum

As mentioned previously, Vitamin C is very important for the skin. I recently got more into serums (and even use Tea Tree Oil for acne spots- also sold on Amazon). They are a wonderful drink for the skin as they get into the pores easier. Put it on before you put on moisturizer!

Bare Minerals 

I love Bare Mineral Products and use their powder, bronzer and blush. It’s all good for you and color selection is fantastic!

Mac Lip Products

Mac lip and eye products are of a thick, stage make-up kind of quality. I’m not loyal to anything as far as eyeshadow goes because I find most brands are made of similar quality regardless of price but Mac Lipglass in Prrr and LipLiner in Spice is the combination I have been most loyal to in any make up. I have worn this since I got my make up done for 8th grade promotion so it has been a staple in my life for 14 years. I get asked what I put on my lips often and this is it! The fact that I wear it so often makes me need refills more frequently so big ole thanks that I can order off Amazon!


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  • I love the wet brush! I’m going to have to try a few of these other things too. I’ve been looking for a good facial scrub and that Acure one sounds perfect.

    • Hi Sarena! Ahh I’m so happy you are on the wet brush bandwagon too! It really is amazing! Definitely try Acure products out! I love them! I have even more where this came from, I’m all about the natural products so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions! Thanks for stopping by!

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