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Farmhouse Inn

The thing with having a blog is that it is your own personal catalog, brand and depiction of your life. You highlight the best of the best and share the most wonderful opportunities and bits of beauty that this sort of endeavor offers. And very gratefully, I can say that there is a lot. I am constantly surrounded by beautiful interiors, delicious food, fresh flowers, well-decorate events, and amazing, innovative, stylish people. It has also inspired me consistently to stay on top of my game and elevate my own wardrobe, home, events because I’m so exposed to things that give me ideas.

The fact of the matter is as much as the visuals are true, there is a behind the scenes world and that is simplify life. Yes, there is a certain lifestyle represented but that doesn’t take away from all the daily stresses and life ups and downs that are still happening. In fact, I have probably more stressed in the last 4 months than ever before but only those closest to me would know it. It hasn’t been all bad stress, just a lot of changes, decisions, new opportunities and keeping up with life. I think this is the general issue with social media. People tend to compare and usually to standards that don’t actually exist.

To my point, I was beyond thrilled to have a weekend away. Life has given me so many wonderful things that have been going on right now but I have been craving a little break and time to just veg out. The best part about the Bay area is that we have easy access and quick road trips to completely new places. Jason and I ventured up into Napa Valley for some wine tasting last Saturday and then drove on over to the Russian River Valley and stayed the night at the gorgeous Farmhouse Inn.

It was just want I needed and had been dreaming of to cure all the excess noise in my head. It was a quaint, chic, beautiful oasis of relaxation, good wine, and high class services. The influencer side of me was also blown away and totally excited about the little details from the milk jars that they offer for you to put water in, to the gorgeous farm, sliding doors that lead you to the onsite spa services, to the three little kittens that live on the property who are both precious and friendly to the complimentary cookie delivery. (This one really blew me away since I LOVE cookies and they were absolutely delicious… definitely the way to my heart).

The staff was friendly, helpful and welcoming and every corner was clean, well kept, and comfortable. One of my favorite details was the s’more bar. Jason and I went to the lobby after dinner and before bed to get the most delicious ingredients. The graham crackers were covered in sugar, the marshmallows were homemade from the chef of the (gorgeous) restaurant on site and the chocolate was dark which always makes a chocolate-y treat better in my opinion. We took the picks and toasted the mallows by the firepit and I have to say, the ingredients were so quality and delicious that it was hands down the best s’more I have ever eaten! No hyperbole.

I also spent a lot of time soaking during my time there. We went down to the jacuzzi after enjoying complimentary glass of wine upon arrival and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the property and the company of the kittens. The roses were also blooming and the smell around us was phenomenal and relaxing in itself.

Additionally, I grabbed some homemade scrub that they have in the lobby. There was a natural exfoliant and lavender bath salts and some freshly made soaps that they give gifts to encourage guests to enjoy the gorgeous sunken tubs with jets that are in the rooms. I have to say, I was looking forward to taking a bath so I put on the fireplace and used all the amazing, natural products and soaked in some amazing hot water while reading a book. It was so relaxing and simply so wonderful to just BE and Farmhouse Inn really thought of everything. They offered the perfect setting to help my stress literally melt.

In the morning, I wandered the property more taking in all the yummy smells of flowers and food from the restaurant and grabbed a tea and went up and took another bath. After we sat with our tea and coffee in our robes, outside on the patio by the fire. Can’t ask for much else in life I’d say!

The room was also stocked with Sumbody products that were all natural (always my preference) and made of such pure, nature quality that it helped make those luxurious baths a little bit more enjoyable. I actually fully intend to invest in some of these products too because they were absolutely fantastic.



So as you can see the property is beyond stunning and offers not only a great place to stay to also a delicious restaurant and a fantastic spa to visit. As if all that wasn’t fabulous enough, the details, decor, and services are all extra special and integrate amazing touches throughout. However, our room and it’s gorgeous window sills, crown molding, wooden details, and dream bathroom really blew my mind. When I walked in, I really felt like a queen!! It helped set the stage for the de-stressing that I had in mind and happily, I left feeling completely rejuvenated!




    A stay in wine country is always peaceful but this was one of my favorite visits and it is all thanks to the beautiful Farmhouse Inn! Make it on the top of your list to visit. It is just what the doctor ordered!


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  • This looks so nice and relaxing and beautiful! I always forget that places like this exist within such a short drive. I need to make a point to do one of these weekend getaways someday soon!

    • It was phenomenal! I usually forget there are so many hidden gems too but now I’m hooked on finding them all because I came home feeling so much more relaxed!

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