Dinner at 77 Social Club at The Bay Club in Redwood Shores

I remember back in the day when I played field hockey in high school, coming home from double days and literally feeling so ravenous that I ate half cooked noodles in my bowl of pasta because I was too hungry to wait for them to boil all the way. I am talking al-den-te! It is always interesting when I listen to my body after a hard work out and discovering the things it needs and craves.

Water is of course up there but sometimes protein or carbs just help fill that void of energy. This is just another reason why I love The Bay Club, because they offer not only a delicious place to dine after a hard work out, but to just visit in general. It isn’t fast, grab and go. It is a chance to enjoy a quality meal and not having to go very far to do so! Their constant commitment to a balanced lifestyle remains the reason that I love being a part of their community so much. It really is the best part of my day.

Jason and I checked out the Bay Clubs in Redwood Shores recently- as my home club is the one in San Francisco. It was so awesome to see the unified vibe throughout the different clubs but also, the little difference. Expectedly, this one was a bit more suburban and feel which gave it an even more relaxed vibe.

We were seated at the 77 Social Club to a menu of fantastic options. Jason settled on a delicious salmon plate and I opted in for the burger and fries. We basically gobbled our dinner up over our rose (mine) and moscow mule (his). Everything was delicious.

Of course, the service was great and the ambiance had such a zen weekend vibe to it that I was in heaven just sitting there, enjoying the decor, scenic bar, pool views and background of the golf tournament playing on the huge tv the other side of the restaurant, surrounded by comfy couches.


Afterwards, we knew we couldn’t resist the opportunity to go shoot some hoops and play a few games of HORSE before we headed on back up to San Francisco. It really was the perfect Saturday activity and we both felt so grateful to have a comfortable, beautiful place to enjoy some great food and drinks and also still get some activity in.

The Bay Club really does value a well balance lifestyle. 🙂


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