KAABOO, All Its Awesomeness and What to Bring to It

Looking for something different to do? Wanna visit San Diego? (You should, it’s beautiful!) Welp I have the perfect opportunity to tell you about. Kaaboo Music Festival is going on this year from September 15- 17th in Del Mar and is offering some pretty experiences for all guests!

Music festivals have in the past not really been my jam. But this one is. Why?! Because it is based off the SENSES! It is a combination of music and comedy but also amazing visuals has there will also be art exhibits, spa and beauty opportunities, beach/pool parties, craft libations, and of course, culinary stops! There is a little bit of everything at this, leaving something for everyone.

Want to know more? Make sure to check out the line up this year as there will absolutely be something you like and/or someone worth learning more about. Sold on the idea? Yeah, me too! Get your tickets here for KAABOO! I have to say I LOVE that Pink and Alanis Morrisette are playing. Total girl power vibes there but I love those two women and their music so much!

KAABOO Del Mar – Official 2017 Lineup Video from KAABOO Del Mar on Vimeo.

Ok now so you are in and you are hooked. (Obviously) I figured I would tell you what you need to bring  in order to get the most out of your experience!

Something Cute + a Sweater

Let’s be honest, music events are where you get to get down with your funky self and let your freak flag fly! Wear something comfortable (mostly comfy shoes) and cute that will help you get into the eccentric, vivacious, exciting spirit of the event. Also, always bring a sweater. In my experience, it comes in handy whether I need to wear it or sit on it so make sure to incorporate that into your outfit.

Hand Sanitizer

So I have to say, first and foremost about this event that also makes it unique and is another reason as to why I LOVE it…. there are no port-a-pottys! BOOM! It wins in my book right there instantly but regardless of the amenities being above and beyond, it is still important to bring hand sanitizer at such an event and better yet- wipes! You are outside for a while and you want to make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom every time there is a spill and you need to wash your hands before  you eat so be prepared!

Portable Phone Charger

It’s a big event and for safety reasons, it’s always best to make sure you can always get a hold of who you came with in case you get separated (which can happen since there are so many wonderful things to see you might need to split up so you can fit in your top choices!) Also, for the picture opps alone, you gotta make sure that thing is full on juice!

Sunscreen and Chapstick

It’s summer in California so keep those wrinkles and burns at bay and bring what you can to reapply so you can just enjoy and not deal with the uncomfortable feeling of a burn.

A Hungry Tummy

With so many amazing kinds of foods and vendors there to explore, don’t fill up on a big breakfast or lunch before you head on over. Make the most of the whole experience!

An Open Mind

Of course with popular acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pink, you are guaranteed to know you recognize some acts and music. However, with so much talent and cool, new things to discover, don’t sell yourself short. Make sure you try foods, listen to bands, look at art, explore the spa services and listen to comedy that perhaps you may not have otherwise been exposed to. It’s a learning experience and a chance for you to expand your horizons, so take it and run!

A Bathing Suit

Yup, there is access to a pool so you can enjoy a whole different scene and cool off from all the food, music, massages, and laughs you are inundated with. It’s an add-on purchase so if you heart desires a dip in the water, purchase the BASK add on to your ticket! Also, be sure to bring an extra pair of clothes or whatever needed…and a bag that’s easy to carry and hard to lose!


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