Rambler Brunch

Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your job, everyone adores the weekends. I especially have been so busy in recent years that the weekends where I can stay in the city with no real agenda and the world can be my oyster… well those weekends are my favorite! And what do I like to do the most? EAT!

It’s the best time to try out new restaurants and brunch is the best time to test them out too because you get a delectable selection of breakfast and lunch foods. Jason and I were recently invited to check out the Rambler and I’m so grateful for it too because it was such a nice Saturday morning date for us where we could enjoy some good food and catch up from our week.

First thing I gotta say about the Rambler that I noticed – which is what I notice first about every restaurant, aside from the smell- is the decor! It was gorgeous. There was this urban, rustic, homey vibe in there that I couldn’t really compare to any other place I’ve been to in the city. They had a gorgeous brick wall, an awesome bar, a collage of art, and unique details to a bar/restaurant like books and lamps. It had this comfortable yet bar feel where you felt like you where a guest in someone’s chic house. We sat at an intimate little table with the booth and it just helped add to the setting. I really loved it.

We ordered some cocktails and they were DELICIOUS! Not only that, they were gorgeous! Mine had these candied, boozy blood oranges soaking in them and they were the perfect little dessert/treat once I was finished.

For starters we ordered the ceviche they just added to their menu. It was amazing! It was like a seafood pico they served with (BOMB) tortilla chips. It was spicy and delicious and as two big seafood lovers, we were big fans!

We went two different routes for food. I, being the consumate pizza lover, ordered a breakfast pizza with carmelized onions, bacon and a fried egg on top! Jason ordered chilaqueles. I of course had both and they were absoutely delicious. I do have to say though that I think that was the best chilaqueles that I have EVER had. There was some magical seasoning on there that I loved.

We finished with a mimosa for me and an espresso for him and definitely enjoyed the experience thoroughly. They also had a TV going so March Madness (which has taken over our TV at home) could be enjoyed along with our brunch! 🙂

Make sure to check out Rambler. It’s perfect for a group of friends or a date and they have a beautiful space for larger events too!


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  • I’ve been there for drinks before! It’s right down the road from me. Such a cute spot!

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