My Favorite Classes at Bay Clubs


I remember the days in elementary school so clearly where I would be aching to get outside, go to recess, have a snack and play a game. I was always a kid that could concentrate and sit still but I loved nothing more than focusing than those breaks where I didn’t have to focus on work and could stretch my legs a bit. I was never the girl who liked to play house. I was all about four square, tether ball, and tag. Not to mention, I looked forward to all my after school activities like soccer and dance.

Adulthood does not always grant us the extra time to sign up for that extra curricular. You really have to plan and commit to get that break from work and your computer. However, Bay Clubs has turned into my adult version of that recess. I love nothing more than leaving work and walking to their amazing, gorgeous, and clean facilities knowing that I can out of my head and use and condition my body instead.  As someone who has always struggled with anxiety, it feels like a sanctuary where I can relieve that stress. Not to mention, I feel healthy and balanced after a good workout.

Bay Clubs is absolutely beautiful and such a comfortable, welcoming, awesome place to get fit because they offer everything that you could want. I am a firm believer in listening to your body and figuring out what works best for you and not competing with others around you. Certain bodies excel at some things others do not. We all have something for us. We just have to find it!

At Bay Clubs, there is an amazing selection of classes that allow you to figure out what exactly it is that is right for you. And if you already know? Welp, they likely offer it! Not to mention, they add new classes like their NC Fit that would be a perfect match for all your Cross Fitters out there!

I definitely have a routine that I do when there aren’t any classes. I LOVE the stair master. I work in intervals at different speeds and it is always a guaranteed sweat session. Afterwards, I do my stretched and strength training that I know works best for me based on years of dance, discussing with my chiropractor, and paying attention to my bodies capabilities.

I haven’t really tried a class I haven’t liked so far at Bay Clubs and I have done the rounds but I wanted to share my favorites with you. Hopefully this will get you to drink the Kool Aid and I’ll a few more friends in these classes!


Zumba is my favorite work out. Let me explain the reasons. 1. It is nonstop cardio that you barely notice because the music is so great that you end of just having fun and before you know it, the class it over and you burned a million calories and ALWAYS leave with a smile!  2. I love dance. Doing technique in dance will always have its place in my life as it is very much a part of my past but I love that I can just learn quick bits of choreography and then just GET INTO IT! It’s like the very best of those days where you dance in your underwear in your room. You really bust out that inner Britney (circa 2003 of course) 3. I really love Latin dance like the samba, the salsa and the tango and all of this is integrated into the choreography. It is Zumba’s base. Mix that with a little jazz, modern and hip hop and it is awesome. Also… it just must be said I am boarderline obsessed with Selena (NO not Gomez, the Original- SELENA) and I get to bust out my  Tejano Princess’ moves. I swear they played Bidi Bidi Bum Bum once and I almost cried I was so happy and then just danced all lost in my own world.

So that’s why Zumba rocks. Zumba at Bay Clubs rocks first and foremost because of the instructor. Zumba will only be as fun, sexy, and intense as the instructor makes is and Brendan has that in spades. He’s fun, talented, sweet, and sassy and literally has the best energy. I usually don’t opt to go in the front row in classes but Brendan just has such a fun aura, I love dancing near him! Always is happy high fives he gives to all his class takers just adds to the experience and is adorable. Also, the dance room is AWESOME! I love it. It’s complete with mirrors, it’s huge, it has barres and is well ventilated. I’m a big fan and I really, really hope to see some of you in this class soon!


HURTS SO GOOD! This ab class is short but SO efficient. Literally it’s 20 minutes of burn but I love when my abs hurt because I feel like I really made progress and this nonstop workout holds men and women of all ages who are looking to tighten up their cores. There are definitely ways to modify but you will break a sweat within the first five minutes. Remember to BREATHE too. It is definitely intense but if you bust out these 20 minutes, it not only teaches you things that you can do to work out on your own but it will also learn new techniques. Not to mention you feel a weird camaraderie with everyone in the class while you struggle together! The challenge is real and the results are too!


The pilates reformer facilities and pilates classes are seriously amazing, ass kicking, and focus so much on quality at Bay Clubs. Form and technique are of utmost priority and all the instructors, whether you are doing a private (like below) or a class, make sure that you are doing what is best for you and are in proper alignment, I am a huge fan of pilates and love what is offered here because it helps me feel toned and strong.


I wasn’t sure what to expect in the dance class because it could mean a lot of things but the instructor is Russian, well trained in ballet and integrates technique and choreography but also her vibe, energy and personality is so stellar it just makes the whole experience even more amazing! I haven’t done a ballet barre warm up in so long, not to mention a leaps and turns technique class. It was phenomenal to get back into that mindset and was so refreshing that I could hone up this experience and skills again in my gym! I felt so lucky to have the opportunity and grateful for Bay Clubs versatility!


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