Keller Estates Wine Tasting Dinner with Winemaker Ana Keller

There really is nothing more romantic, nothing more inviting, and nothing that elicits the idea of bonding and friendship more than enjoying a really delicious meal paired with some amazing wines, especially if this takes place by a fire! It is probably my Italian roots but this is my favorite way to spend time with friends and family.

Luckily, I get to meet new friends under these circumstances too! A few local San Franciscan foodies, creatives, and influencers came together to enjoy the amazing food at Belga on Union Street while learning about the wines of Keller Estate in Petaluma and enjoying the wine hand picked for each part of our meal. Not only was the wine delicious but it is so fun learning about local spots in the the Bay Area. Ana Keller herself came to describe the pairings with us and was as sweet and lovely as she was knowledgable in her craft and about the Bay Area.

For some color, as if this doesn’t already make you want to visit, here are some shots of the winery:

Breathtaking right? Ahh! Well they produce some delicious vino that I thoroughly enjoyed. I especially have a soft spot for their pinot! Yum!

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening that Emily Martin put together. We were greeted with her warm smile, fantastic service, a cozy fireplaces and amazing appetizers!

After a long day, a delicious glass of white wine was needed and I loved snacking on oysters (my favorite app!), different cheeses and yummy french fries! They also had mayo for dipping just like the Euros do which made me very happy!

It was the perfect environment to chat with friends, say hello to long lost acquaintances and get to know everyone we would be dining with for the evening.

Additionally, the appetizers were not our only options! Once we were seated we were treated with these delicious mussel dishes before the entrees. There were two different kinds, one had yummy bits sausage paired in it and the other was doused in a beer sauce that was divine!

There were also delicious croquettes to dip and aioli like sauce that were out of this world and took me right back to my days in Spain!

After I devoured the mussels and croquettes, it was time for these amazing flatbreads that were like delicious pizzas filled with unique flavors.

Once we tried everything, we had some quality meats. The rotisserie chicken and salmon were cooked to perfection. Both tender and moist on the inside (my two least favorite adjectives but realistically, so fitting and exactly what you want meat to be)on the inside with a flavorful crisp on the outside.

The veggies served alongside them were also cooked perfectly and added a nice balance of lightness and flavors. Along with all of that, we were also given some delicious falafels to try and let me tell ya, I like falafels, they aren’t my favorite but those were AMAZING! And I love taziki too so I was quite the happy camper!


After the meal, we were served amazing chunks of chocolate (yummy dark for me please!) and these custard strawberry dish was was so wonderful it disappeared within minutes.

However, one of the parts of this evening that made the food so special and added to its deliciousness was the incorporation of the Keller Estate wine. The menu was carefully curated and the wines were thoughtfully paired along with it so we not only tried the best of their inventory but also the flavors and bottles that would match best with our palettes of what we were eating.

It was not only relaxing and enjoyable but I learned a lot about pairing and what to expect from Belga and Keller Estate so I am thrilled. I have a chance to check out a new beautiful winery soon and also, have a new spot on Union Street where I often end up that I know will be delicious.

Kindly, Keller Estate gifted us some goodies from their winery including wine, olive oil and soaps and lotions made from their olive oil. (They grow olives too!)


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  • Wow! I’m super jealous. I’ve been to Belga before for apps and brunch- great sausages!! What a fun outing with fellow bay gals!

    • It really is delicious! The vino was extra fantastic! Thanks for visiting and Happy Early St. Patty’s Day!

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