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I often times get asked what my favorite things to write about on the blog are. I honestly love everything but I think I have a soft spot for advice, food, and beauty! Beauty in most recent years has become more of a passion and not just discussing fun make up, but especially, the art of skincare.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she, my sister and I are very much passionate about eliminating products that have harmful chemicals in them. Not only that, my mom’s skin is luminous compared to most women in her age group and it is credit to a mindful, careful regime that she has stayed loyal to for years. When I was a teenager, she insisted I always wear SPF on my face before I put on make-up and to use creams and serums before bed. As a woman in her last year of her twenties, I can definitely see now how much that has positively impacted my skin. That habit was amazing to build in me so young. I mean I would even get back to the dorms in college from a party with my friends and would not go to bed without removing my make up and putting on creams! Haha that’s the level of dedication so it’s a big thanks to you Mama!

Additionally, as my interest and dedication to healthy skin evolved, I have made an effort to use face masks reguarly  and get facials. Through exploring the city and being an influencer, I am exposed to a lot of wonderful places but I have a special place in my heart for Dermaplus Skin + Body  on Union in the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhood. This is not only from the amazingly friendly, supportive staff of estheticians but also because of the beautiful, relaxing ambiance of their spa and the quality of products they use. I leave there feeling fresh, healthy and clean with glowing skin and I really can’t ask for much more. They also sell their products too so on the days that I need a quick pick-me-up, I can put their products on from home and get that boost.

The best part?  Dermaplus doesn’tput any junk in their products. It is all natural, healthy, and good-for-you gels, creams and serums that will take away the toxins in your skin and help keep it pH balanced and healthy! They actually hand blend everything and it includes everything your skin needs – vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils. Sound amazing? It is! You can shop their page online here! Their line takes into consideration the varying types and needs of skin and their commitment to a holistic approach to health is their model for their treatments and products.

Lizzie was my esthetician and she was helpful and sweet as she was knowledgable. I receive the Signature Facial and boy it is simply divine! I left feeling amazing and was thrown a few compliments in the following days on how great my skin looked! (thank you, thank you!)

The goal at Dermaplus is to help their clients with any skincare need whether it’s maintaining a healthy glow or repairing sun damage, eliminating acne, removing unwanted hair or just giving our largest organ, that takes a big hit from day to day between make-up a pollution, a little TLC. Lizzie absolutely saw my problem areas and made sure to help me and give great advice.

Also, it must be noted that not only was it just a facial but there was also a neck rub, foot rub, relaxing music and just a general environment of zen. It was more than a facial, the whole experience was phenomenal for winding down after a long day of work.

Check out all their services here too. Their most popular is the Facial + Laser Genesis Combo. Their skincare line of hand blended, plant based products is also a big hit with locals and their clients!



The facility is not only is a great neighborhood (so if you wanted to make a relaxing day of it you could easily grab brunch or go shopping with some girlfriends beforehand) but it is also crisp, clean, welcoming and also has a private feeling so you feel comfortable in your more private treatments or taking your make up off.

They also have a a gorgeous display of their products, making it easy to shop and it is simply really just adorable in there!


If skincare isn’t something that you prioritize, I highly suggest starting because when you feel good in your skin, you simply feel good about yourself (and that’s literally and metaphorically!) Be sure to check out their products, I have used their spray (great for setting), and facemasks and I love everything! Really all amazing and all natural!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Skincare is one of my favorite topics and definitely check out Dermaplus Skin + Body!


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