How and Why to Create a Wedding Website

I am proudly a bridesmaid this year for two of my best friends and am in a very wedding heavy industry for my day job and let’s be real, bloggers are alllllways inundated with beautiful imagery and ideas about events, hosting, and weddings. All in all, I’ve picked up a few things while talking to friends, vendors, clients and fellow influencers that I think will help all my pretty lady bride-to-be readers out there (and grooms too!) when it comes to wedding planning.

My main bit of advice will always be to make the guest list before you pick a venue. (Thanks to my sister’s wedding for that tidbit). But next, to always create a wedding website. I have personally used them myself for all weddings I have been to and have found them to be a saving grace when planning and traveling. Rather than scrambling to ask the hosts the details, I have them all at my fingertips. If you are on the fence about creating one, let me convince you otherwise…

It’s a Nice Introduction

If it is a friend’s wedding whose special someone I haven’t had the chance to get to know as well (usually because of distance), their wedding website gives me an idea of their relationship, a chance hear their story and a look at fun past pictures of them.

It is Another Chance to Get Creative

Set the stage! This is your first glimpse you can give your guests of your taste and what to expect. Why not seize the day and enjoy this creative opportunity? There are so many gorgeous templates and designs out there. Check some of Minted’s out here.

They are Green

You can RSVP to multiple events so it saves paper and postage! Not to mention…money! Weddings are so expensive, might as well save when you can!

Easy Way to Communicate

Give those updates, details, and local recommendations for hotels, excursions and restaruants easily. Save yourself by answering incessant calls and emails and toss all that info on your wedding website!

Great Chance to Show Off Those Engagement Photos

Come on! Give Facebook a break! Showcase your beautiful pictures on your wedding website!

There are many great hosts for wedding websites but my favorite will always be Minted’s because they have designs that simply cannot be surpassed. All are quality, with matching stationery and are designed by independent artists thus making your wedding easier to tie into a common thing or color scheme.
Here are some of the benefits of Minted’s Free Wedding Websites:
  • They are FREE!
  • Hundreds of unique wedding website designs
  • Matching printed wedding invitations available
  • Each design is available in 3 layouts
  • Gift registries are easy to integrate
  • Change the design at any time
  • Maps & directions are accessible
  • Smartphone friendly so your guests can read it en route 
  • Customizable layouts
  • Wedding party inclusion
  • Multiple event RSVPs – rsvp to the wedding and the welcome party in one swoop!
  • Guest accommodations
  • Matching wedding invitations

And to sign up for their premium website, it is only an extra $35! The features include:

  • Website Privacy (password protected if you so please)
  • More photo galleries available
  • Custom url (Put that wedding hashtag to good use!)
Also remember, there are some fun things to do in the content to make your wedding website really stand out! If you are like me and your refrigerator is covered in Save the Dates, you’ll see a lot of wedding websites and these particular details absolutely add to the quality of the website…
  • Talk about your wedding party! Let us know how you know them, silly facts about them, a cute story and make sure to post a picture so we know who is standing beside you.
  • Do a his version/her version of your story. The two perspectives can really be adorable.
  • Add albums of your engagement photos but also fun adventures you have taken as a couple.
  • Introduce your family. This will also give your guests who don’t know both sides a heads up on who the (likely) hosts are of the event.
  • Introduce yourselves as individuals. I don’t always know both the bride and groom and I always appreciate a run down of who they are and what they are up to in their life.
  • Keep it light and simple. You can be descriptive without dragging on. No one wants to read an essay
Be sure to shop Minted for and check out their gorgeous inventory of FREE wedding websites!
**Sponsored by Minted but all opinions are of course, my own! (Like I would have it any other way 😉


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