Comfy Sportswear


Unless it is the weekend, I don’t have a lot of time to wear my athletic wear as athle-leisure.  I do always like to make sure that whatever I buy can be doubled as both though because exercising is important to me and maintaining the stress balance in my life.

In the colder months, I’m all about a comfy pull over and this Nike one I got for Christmas is perfect for the gym days or the outside, active days. (Or the go grab groceries and run errands days too!)

I read an article once that buying cute workout gear actually increases incentive to get to a class or to the gym and it is totally true. So whenever you feel bad about getting that pair of Lulu’s, you could technically say in your head it is an investment for your health ;o) I know I’m the worst, and I’m sure my financial advisor father would shake his head at me right now.

Nontheless, it’s nice to know what works for you. Make sure to shop below for some cute comfy sportswear to help get you active and in shape!


DSCN1570  DSCN1549

DSCN1558 DSCN1556


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