Be Your Own Valentine


I, of course, love my Valentine so very much, but it is always good to treat yo-self on Cupid’s Day too! It’s just another little holidays to celebrate something good. I’ve never seen Valentine’s Day as a day to put too much pressure on. Get a card, a small present but mostly, just do something fun together!

To that point, whether you have someone special with to celebrate or your BFFs or your family, take some time for you and reflect on all the love you have for yourself. Here are so great ideas to get into shooting your own bum with that big baby’s arrow.

Take a class

Whatever your little heart desires, do that one thing you wanted to do for a while that you haven’t made time for yet. Maybe it’s a dance class, an Italian class, art class, calligraphy class, yoga, or a Flywheel class. Do something that puts you out of your comfort zone that will give you joy. Check out Verlocal or If Only for some ideas.

Get a mani/pedi

The results are beautiful but let’s face it, it’s the foot and hand massages that are really why we get ’em!

Buy your favorite wine, rent your favorite show and eat your favorite snack

Oh me you ask? I’d get a pinot, Round Table pizza with mushrooms, sausage and olive with parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, and dipped in ranch while watching old episodes of The Office and Friends. Another good option? Pink Champagne, a pazookie, and Downton Abbey. Oh, oh! There is also Pinot Grigio, a good, ole charcuterie board and a slew of Nancy Meyer movies… especially It’s Complicated.

Do a face mask

Pick one that is good for your skin whether it be dry, oily and pamper that skin of yours! Also check out these homemade facials from one of my favorite sites, Hello Glow.

Do an art project

Sometimes just creating something is a nice way to spend some alone time and decompress. Paint, coloring books, friendship bracelet making, scrapbooking… just get creative and you might even make something you love so much you want to give to someone special!

Get a massage

Because um… basically the best thing in the whole world!

Buy something sexy

Find great pieces that can help ya celebrate you and your body… regardless if it is for someone else. It’s always nice to wear something fun and fancy under your cute outfit!

Go to the book store and find something you will really love

There is so much in a book store to look at even if reading isn’t your thing. Magazine, cookbooks, music, coffee table books, cards… get lost and enjoy! (Though I always encourage reading…even if it isn’t your thing, I’m convinced there is a book out there for everyone!)

Take a nap

Sometimes it is the simple things that bring a lot of joy. A midday snooze is one of those simple pleasures in life that I always appreciate when I can find the time for.

Buy yourself a new outfit

Go to your favorite store and treat yourself! (Mine you ask? Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, J. Crew Factory, Francesca’s, Vici Dolls, The Loft, and Banana Republic). Online shopping from the couch with a glass of wine works too! Check out betabrandsEtsy (duh!), or Amazon for some great options! (I have been eyeing the sweater below from Amazon lately).


There’s no better way to spread the love and be an advocate for Cupid by helping others. Make your Saturday worthwhile!

Rent a dog

Nothing makes me happier than animals. I especially have a soft spot for small dogs. There are some apps and programs in bigger cities that let you rent dogs or spend time with animals in shelters. Be sure to Google what’s near you and check it out!

Read a good romance novel

The original 50 Shades… the classic romance novel. Always funny, interesting and sometimes enough to make you giggle and blush.

Watch Your Favorite Rom Com

She’s All That, Sixteen Candles, 10 Things I Hate About You…. all good for a nice celebrating l-o-v-e.



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