Keeping a Clean, Healthy Apartment

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I am definitely a person who likes things clean. My mom is pretty immaculate and kept a gorgeous, clean house my whole life. It is not only something she is good at and prefers, but it is also a cultural thing. In my Italian family, keeping a well kept home is valued. As a creative person who also likes to decorate and enjoys design and a pleasing aesthetic, if it is not well-kept, it doesn’t matter how nice the things are, it needs to be taken care of.

However, I am not quite as clean as my mom, nor have a mastered fluffing pillows as well or folding clothes and sheets as well either. I don’t mind a bit of a mess here and there, but I do mind germs and it is important that everything has a spot to go back to once it is misplaced. However, there is a bit of happiness in my soul when I clean the apartment and everything is right where it should be. With managing my job, the blog, events and all other things that life brings, it is nice to know that something is orderly.

I always cared but I found that when Jason and I moved in together, I cared much more because for the first time, I had a home. I wanted it well decorated, organized and a place for both he and I to feel comfortable living our lives in.

Though I simple don’t have the time to do a deep clean every week there are some things I do to ensure that we live in a healthy, clean home.

Use only healthy products

I spray countertops and furniture so often to keep dust at bay (I’m allergic) so it is crucial that I use cleaning products that are non toxic and do not irritate. I’m a sucker for anything without chemicals so I make sure that I research and buy products like this whenever I can. That goes for anything household and cosmetic. And I have found wonderful brands that offer quality products without the extra junk. Method has my favorite household cleaning items and have wonderful fragrances that keep my home healthy as well as my body. ( I think I’ve gone through more bottles of their Lavender All Purpose Cleaner than I can count).

Keep the kitchen as clean as possible

I mean, it is where you eat. I don’t let things soak for more than a couple days and make sure that the stove, fridge and countertops are always clean. What we put into our bodies is important and I want to make sure that where I store these things is as clean as possible.

Clean the bathroom a couple times a week

I am pretty great at spraying the shower, toilet, and countertops and for obvious reasons, it is important to do this. The bathroom is where we go to get clean so let’s make sure it is clean itself, eh? (Try out this product from Method!)

Vacuum once a week

We wear shoes in the apartment sometimes since we don’t have rugs so it is important to vacuum at least once a week to pick up anything that’s been tracked it. Not to mention, SF apartments just get dusty and I’m pretty sure I shed because I always find my hair on the ground. (I know I’m not alone in that…it’s pretty much just a girl thang!)

Spray the windows

SF apartments usually don’t have quality windows so condensation is a big thing on ours and when that happens, mold grows. Mold is absolutely not healthy to breath in and be around so I make sure to spray the window sills as much as possible to get that crap off!

Air out the apartment

It is always good to bring fresh air into the living space. Once I do it and close them up, there is a refreshing feeling in the apartment which I love.

Add plants

Talking about cleaning the air fresh and clean, they do just that. And they are soooo purty!

Light a candle

It’s not only cozy but it smells great and creates a nice ambiance.

Wash and change the sheets regularly 

I am a nighttime shower taker and mostly because my hair is curly naturally and it would take me an extra hour every morning to do it if I washed it in the AM. Also, I looooove getting into bed clean. I don’t want the days grime in my sheets! Yuck! It is important to make sure where you sleep is clean and disinfected as well. We spend a third of our lives in bed, gotta keep it fresh!

Recycle and take out garbage right when it is full

Garbage = germs. When it’s ready to get out, don’t let it fester in there, get it out!


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