Best Games for Game Night

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It sounds dorky but in the last few years, I am over going out just to drink. I mean of course a fun night out is always great every once in a while but I hate just going to a bar and drinking… like we need some entertainment people! Karaoke, dancing, a band, jazz, a play, concert, comedy club, trivia- anything that gives you something to do while you relax, chat with friends, and enjoy some beverages.

To do this and save some money, game nights with a group of friends are always a great option! You can find some of my favorite in this post that always make up for a good time, lots of laughs, a a great competitive spirit! (P.S. …Boys against Girls is ALWAYS fun for teams!)

Cards Against Humanity

Admittedly, I do have a pretty dirty sense of humor and I never fail to laugh while playing this game! Make sure to get the expansion pack too! Gotta keep it fresh!

What Do You Meme?

       This game is just like Cards Against Humanity but with Memes and pictures. Keeps ya in giggles and is for sure worth a play!

Trivial Pursuit

                        I love this game! It is a nice brain exercise and covers allll different topics. You definitely want to me on my and Jason’s teams though when a pop culture question comes up. We crush that together big time!


Gotta get creative with this one and need a big group to play but I love it because it is another one that for sure gives youth giggles.

Exploding Kittens

Jason recently bought this for us and it’s pretty fun! There’s a bit of strategy too it too which keeps you thinking ahead!


I mean to win, you want a good sketcher on your team but it actually cracks me up seeing how the less talented artists put things together.


Jason’s family was really into this one over the holidays and it was super fun! It was like Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity mixed together. The drawings can get prettttyyy funny…and graphic.

Catch Phrase

Easy set up and gets super competitive and fun. Always works best when you play on the same team with people of similar interests, then you can give clues unrelated.


Tricky and fun and keeps you on your toes! Can’t get lazy in this game!


It’s like a pimped out charades and it’s awesome!


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