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I just wanted to create a post to express my gratitude in my adventures in blogging. What started out two years ago as a hobby and side project, has turned into a mini business and creative passion. It has taught me so much about marketing, writing, branding and products but also about San Francisco and the local businesses and creative communities.

Sometimes when you live in a big city, it is intimating and hard to explore it. Many people get into their comfort zones and there is nothing wrong with that but blogging has allowed me to explore neighborhoods, shops and restaurants I may not have but also meet new friends I may not have. I will always be proud and grateful that I took a leap and did this. It can be hard to start because like anything creative, you sort of put a piece of yourself on the line but it is right what they say, the reward is great.

A few weeks ago, my good friend from middle school and high school, Quianna, came out again to the city to take some pictures of me and a few blogger friends. (You can see my post on her here.) She is wonderful, warm, and talented and having her visit is just another gift blogging has given me. It allows for opportunities like this for old friends with creative interests to collaborate and help one another out.

I invited a few blogger friends to a picnic on Crissy Field as Quianna could take our pics and as the time to meet drew closer, some girls had to cancel and rain started to pour. I ended up having an impromptu afternoon picnic in our apartment with Quianna and a few of my favorite blogger girls and it worked out so well! We had so much fun and ate yummy food and just chatted about our lives and projects. There is something so nice about being surrounded with supportive women who share the same interests. You always have an ear to talk to or advice to consider.

It eventually cleared up and we got some awesome pics in. It was a gorgeous Sunday and the fresh rain made the air feel clean and the view of the Bay was breathtaking. I ended that day feeling so appreciative of all the new and old friends in my life and I wanted to just make mention how fantastic the blogger community in San Francisco is. Everyone has been helpful, friendly, and welcoming. There isn’t a bad seed, only friendly faces. So to all of you blogger babes who are reading this, thank you for being so fantastic. I love each and every one of you that I have met and collaborated with. And to anyone else who wants to start something new, I encourage it. You will be happily surprised I’m sure with all the new opportunity and adventures it will give you!

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