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Between work, family, friends, relationships, hobbies, exercise… who has time anymore? I am exhausted most of the time and it can be hard to make sure to eat right. Especially when the yummy, easy options happen to be terrible for you.

I am all about finding delicious snacks and food options for this purpose. It keeps the hanger away and ensures that I am putting something healthy in my system that will give me more energy throughout the day rather than just a crash.

So this is where Love with Food comes into play. It is filled with goodies that are made from real foods – organic, all-natural, and gluten free too- and my favorite thing about them? I love, LOVE that they are kid friendly. Anything that is good for the kiddies has got to be good for the big kids is my way of thinking! (I also find new snacks that I love every time I go to my sister’s to visit).

An event better part? Each box goes to fight childhood hunger. It is easy to forget that there are people across the world in excruciating pain and suffering because they have nothing to eat. Growing up around excess, it is easy to forget this. Eating is a basic human right and it is heartbreaking to think about how many people die from not being able to find food.

This is also a big reason I have an issue with wasting food. It makes me cringe. The good news though is that with this box, there is no waste! Everything is delicious and I can guarantee will be gobbled up! I especially have a soft spot for apple chips and those All Natural Fruit Crisps with Mickey on them? So good! And the fig spread is amazing on fruit and those Everly Strawberry Lemonade packets fit right into my purse! Perfect for when I’m on the go…which is always.

Just order (as low as $7.99 monthly) and since they find new snacks all the time, there is a sort of goodie bag vibe and you can look forward to finding new favorites! A portion of the proceeds goes to the kiddos-be-hungry-no-more fighting and you can feel good about doing something for yourself AND for others. (Note: Feed America and The Global Food Banking Network are two organizations they donate to).

Definitely check out this service and enjoy some delicious snacks!

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