Shop this Gift Guide for Your Secret Santa – All Under $35


This past weekend, my group of friends from high school and I got together and had a delicious dinner hosted by my friend Sarah. We enjoyed wine, salad, butternut squash lasagna, garlic bread over our usual catch-up conversation. We played games and did a mini white elephant which is always a sure way to get a few laughs in.

I have to say we were pretty creative with gifts. There was jewelry, make up, wine, scarves, candles, etc. It got me to thinking how many awesome ideas are out there for gifts that can stay well in budget, under $35. I decided to do a fashion themed white elephant for items that will get a lot of use and won’t break the bank. Check ’em out for some inspiration this holiday season!



Over the Knee Booties


Over the knee are very in style and I actually bought myself these and I can attest, they are EXTREMELY comfortable! Love them!

Jean Jacket Hoodie


I love this jacket because it is versatile and adorable! I love the tomboy flair to it.



This one is cozy and classic. Perfect.



You can’t go wrong with pajamas. Everyone needs a comfortable pair to invest in during the winter months.



We all need new blouses and this one is quality with a cute print AND super affordable!


Yoga Pants


Because athleleisure is so hot right now…. and hope it stays that way.


Floppy Hat


I love these floppy hats so much and the nude color makes it more versatile.

Ilia Lipstick


I love this brand and it is all natural and has excellent quality.

S.W. Basics Cream


S.W. Basics is another favorite brand of mine because it is made of only the good stuff so you would be treating your Secret Santa to something a little healthier.

Burt’s Bees Pedicure Set


Pedicures can get expensive after a while so this set is gold.

Yankee Candle


They are delicious and last forever.



We played this game over Thanksgiving and I had a blast! So fun!


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