Tips for Decking the Halls with Minted


My favorite way to kick off the holidays is of course to start after Thanksgiving (I’m not one to steal the thunder of Turkey, the parade, football, pilgrims, and anything pumpkin). Once that has been celebrated it is time to put on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (because we can deny it all we want, nothing else compares), make some cocoa/egg nog/cider (I don’t discriminate), light a pumpkin spice candle and get to decking the halls!

This is Jason’s and my first Christmas in our apartment and I’m so excited to get a little bit more grown up and festive this year! Minted of course, has made that all the more fun and all the more artistic!

Holiday Cards

I love sending out holiday cards and giving people a happy little hello or thank you as it is a nice reminder to let those you care about know that you are thinking of them. I am a big sucker for family Christmas card pictures but that is not a phase of our life yet as those are things to look forward to down the line. Though Minted offers some phenomenal photo holiday cards, I stuck to a traditional Christmas card. I went the Christmas tree route because I LOVE a beautifully decorated and lit up tree during the holidays. They always make me happy and I wanted a card that was reflective of that. Also, the postcard style was extra adorable!

img_7741-1 img_7744-1 img_7743-1


There is nothing like making your home seasonal. Not only does it make you organize and spruce things up a bit but in encourages that cozy, homey vibe that the holidays bring. As I mentioned, I love Christmas trees and these gold dipped paper ones from Minted stole my heart right away, as did the ornaments to match. They are perfectly complimented with the gorgeous bulbs and my favorite part is that everything is created by artists- which is the best part of Minted. You can find all original pieces that are of quality. All of this decor tied into the tree and I love accenting with gold so it really made it not only feel like the holidays, but was reflective of my taste outside of seasonal decor.

Note: My main tip for decorating for the holidays is avoid clutter. Keep it fresh and simple. Less is definitely more, especially since you are adding to your home and likely not taking any decor down. Go for simple, it is always elegant!

img_7757 img_7753  img_7791 img_7777 img_7773 img_7779 img_7780 img_7783-1 img_7799 img_7769

Gifts and Wrapping

One of my favorite parts of adulthood has been giving people presents. Growing up, babysitting money didn’t exactly make for some awesome presents for those I love. However, babysitting is no longer my main source of income. Since my parents just moved into a new home, I am gifting them some pieces that will help add to their decor. My mom has impeccable taste so I decided to get her something a little classic but fun. As I’ve mentioned, we are strongly connected to our Italian heritage on that side of the family so I am giving her (SPOILER ALERT MAMA!) a foil art picture of Italy.

It’s classic, beautiful, and meaningful and I know it is something she would love. There are also tons of selections on Minted of different cities, states and countries. You have to check them out! It’s a great idea for a gift for someone who has roots they are tied to and/or miss. Also, the foil options that Minted provides whether it’s art, cards, or invitations are absolutely gorgeous!

On top of all the stunning, giftable art, there is also beautiful, personalized paper to wrap those presents in. Since Jason and I have the same initials -JW- I put them as a sign off on our wrapping paper this year. It’s an extra special touch for our extra special people’s gifts.

img_7784-1 img_7785


Thank-yous and Stationery

I think every grown up girl should have some pretty stationery to write on. I mean, yes, I would say this as I love writing and handwritten, heartfelt letters have a special place in my heart. However, no matter if you are on my page or not, there is always a time where it will come in handy. This year, for those who have spoiled us a little extra, I plan on using my gorgeous stationery to write some wonderful “thank yous”.

img_7811 img_7805

Minted basically has everything you need this holiday season but with a unique, classy, artsy flair that will leave your presents, home, and holiday cards much more memorable.


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