This one is for the Ladies : Bra-blems


GIRL TALK WARNING! ( I don’t even know if this is necessary though, I’m pretty sure my readership is predominately female unless you know me or are related to me and just checkin’ up or being supportive.. in which case, thanks bro (or Dad…or Jason)…


Bra-blems. We all have them and they come in varying packages. Some of us have problems figuring out the ladies in general. If larger, sizing can be tricky and ensuring that you make the right choice in bra can make all the difference in appearance…and for your back. For the smaller ladies out there, there is a huge advantage in movement (and sports) but sometimes the girls wanna be on display and that can be tricky too!

Aside from all that, there are different bras for different shapes, different clothes, and different activities. I’m more an advocate of finding one that sort of just fits everything- gives support, offers variation in straps, is cute but also basic – and just getting that in a bunch of different colors. (Though admittedly my pretty, flowery, lacy ones are fun to wear because you just feel extra feminine but that is definitely not an every day thing. I don’t want those pretty things because stuffed in my gross gym bag by the end of the day!)

Third Love and I are teaming up to talk about these issues and share a guide that will hopefully help you all! Also use promo code TL15BRABLEMSDEC and get 15% off your first bra! Read some tips below and shop at the widget on the bottom!




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