Thymes Candles: Good for the Home, Good for the Earth


As I have been getting into the season over the past few days, I notice how many familiar smells come back around the holidays. I instantly feel warm, happy, and nostalgic the second I get a whiff of pine, pumpkin spice, cider, sugar cookies, or peppermint as I am transported to almost three decades of memories of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with loved ones.

This is why I try to incorporate candles and incense into my holiday decorating and entertaining. One of my favorite things is bringing in smells of nature and the outdoors into play. That is why Thymes products are such wonderful options. The Frasier Fir scents have made our home that much more welcoming. Not only that, it smells clean and fresh.

One of my favorite parts of this brand is not only the quality of candle, the smell and the adorable packaging that is perfect for the home any modern girl with an interior loving heart, is that they partnered with WOODCHUCK USA and are planting a tree for every product sold in the Northwoods and Limited Edition collections so not only do you get to make your home brighter, but the planet too!

My boyfriend’s sisters are two plant/animal loving girls who also happen to be roomies so I know they will both love these wonderful candles in their home this holiday season! I absolutely plan to gift them this amazing candles among other members of my family who love creating homey ambiance’s much as I do.

My favorite tradition, whenever I have an extra busy day, I love lighting this candles, grabbing a fluffy blanket, and curling up to a good book. That alongside my sparkly tree creates those moments where I feel relaxed and grateful, which is crucial during the hectic holiday season. This are my some of my favorite moments in December and the following winter months and the Frasier Fir Thymes candles are the perfect, relaxing smell paired with this.

Also, they sell some amazing bath and body products in varying scents reflective of the outdoors that have kept my skin hydrated and smelling good this season! It’s been necessary too since with the cold, it is easy to dry out.

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