Kuvee: For the Wine Lover

It is no news that we millennials, welp, we like our wine! In fact, some might just say we love it! And what comes with loving something? Opinions on what our favorites are. Think about it, if you love books, movies, fashion, sports, we all have opinions on what we want, expect, or prefer. So the famous question- white or red?- usually comes with a discussion.

For example, some people may just like one or the other strictly, like my boyfriend, who likes red but hates white. Some may have a preference depending on what food is being served and others may only want a pinot for red or be an ABC (anything but chard). Personally, I love a good cab or pinot when I’m at home or out at a wine bar with dim lighting and a small group of friends. If there is red meat or dark chocolate around though, I like merlot. However, socially, at weddings or parties I go for the Sauvignon Blanc to avoid spilling and staining and purple teeth. I would die if I was the wedding guest getting red wine stain all up on some gorgeous gown!

But when entertaining, you have to be prepared. It is all about making sure you have whatever your guests want available to them. The problem is, the majority might want one thing and then you have the lone ranger asking for the opposite. That’s a-okay, and it would be terrible to make them feel like they should have something that they do not prefer, particularly when you have invited them over. However, it is a shame to waste good wine. This problem has been solved with the Kuvee. It is wine meets technology meets Martha Stewart! I love it!

What is it you ask? Get a load of this…

A Kuvee is a a smart wine bottle. It keeps the wine fresh for longer. So not only is this perfect for when you are entertaining and don’t want to throw a bottle out, it is perfect for when you want a nice healthy pour of vino with dinner but don’t feel like polishing off a whole bottle!

To use it, just plug it in and let it charge. You will see that it not only looks like a wine bottle but doubles as a screen. Next, create an account and connect it to your WiFi. You can set it up to order your wines and there is a phenomenal selection of some amazing labels there.

You will be shipped the wines and when you use, just put the bottle into the Kuvee dispenser and pour up! You can also rate the wine you are drinking on the Kuvee screen itself as it will recognize what wine you have put in. You can also learn about the wine to so there a chance to become better acquainted and appreciate the bottle more (for all those connoisseurs out there!) Not only that, it will recommend bottles to you based on your taste. (We have a smart phone, a smart TV out there… so why not a smart wine bottle?!)






When finished, you can switch it out. The bottles the wine come in will keep it fresh-10x longer than the average bottle to be exact- and the Kuvee dispenser will ensure that you have a way to pour them. The wine is the same price as in store so you are getting the most bang for your buck and can ensure that a drop won’t ever go to waste.

Between all the dinner parties, Christmas parties, Friendsgiving, my birthday, and cocktailing events coming up in the next month, my Kuvee is going to be the star of the show and will absolutely make my life easier!

It has been particularly busy in our home as of late with both our careers running full force so on those extra stressful days where all I want to do is end my day with a glass of wine and a good show (This is Us, ideally) this is the perfect option. It also was quite popular last time we had guests over for dinner! Particular with my boyfriend, who like I said, does not like white. It made it so that he could enjoy his favorite and the rest of us could enjoy something different. Everyone was happy!

For all you winos and techies, this is your jam! Check it out more!


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    Ummm this is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing lady!

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