When You Are The Jack of All Trades….


…but the master of none. Embrace it!

I have always struggled with this. As my late grandpa once coined, “I have too many interests”, it has been a consistent blessing and curse in my life. I remember my mom having to tell me to slow down when I told her all the sports, clubs, and activities I wanted to do because honestly, there wasn’t enough time in the day. I didn’t quit anything and played soccer and did dance and piano for my entire childhood. I was a committer and interested in any and every opportunity and activity that presented itself to me.

I have a theory as to why this was. I generally love trying new things and giving everything a shot but I also didn’t struggle with much. I don’t mean this in an obnoxious way but much more a reflective one. I by no means was the best at everything but as a kid my height was a huge advantage so sports came naturally (I even have bragging rights to out scoring in soccer and striking out in kickball two kids in elementary school who 1. has a Rose Bowl Ring with U of O Football and 2. play in the MLB respectively).

Music, singing and performing was more where my natural talent was though but I could never decide which made me happier, singing or acting. Both came to be easily but I never loved one enough so focus solely on it. And so it goes…and continues to now…

Even as I started my career, I noticed that I was doing these all hats wearing, generalist roles. I was capable and good and whatever was tossed my way but in no way was I an expert at any one thing. As I approach the end of my twenties, I am increasingly more aware of this. I recently changed careers and I am more of a specialist, which honestly, thrills me! I’m so happy to focus on one specific area.

However, recently when I went to New York, while I was visiting my friend Stephanie, we talked about this. How we both have so many dreams, aspirations and goals it can seem overwhelming and how sometimes we don’t know what to focus on because of it. It can almost feel like all the interests and ideas set us back a bit even though we are both doers and constantly moving forward.

Stephanie, per usual, gave me more inspiration. The girl is brilliant and exposed to all sorts of ideas, art, and books and she gave me this one particular quote that really resonated with me. Haha though, I can’t remember the exact wording but it was essentially to own up to the fact that you are the Jack of all Trade and the Master of None. Play to that strength, there is an advantage in there somewhere. It is good to have a lot of interests and so what if things aren’t always completed? The idea is to consistently create and evolve and learn and try and this should bring joy.

It really felt like fresh air for me, of course to have a friend that understands this odd trouble but to find a support that encourages this off quirk and gives a new perspective on how to hone it. We don’t have to choose! Amazing!

I thought this little tidbit would be helpful to all the fellow bloggers out there. I know most of you, as creatives, are likely in the same position. It’s the curse of the right brainer. We are lead by emotions and stimulated by things that aren’t always within reach (at least at first). Most of us start our blogs to compartmentalize all the things we love whether it be writing, cooking, fitness, fashion, décor, art, DIY, whatever it is! It allows us a place to enjoy all the things we like and to share them. So in spirit of this, I wanted to pass this love along and tell all of you to own up to the all the things! It’s wonderful to have so many things in this world that amp up your passionate side!


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