The Best Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated


A couple months ago when I went to get a facial at SenSpa, I was told for the first time how dehydrated my skin was. No doctor or¬†aesthetician had tapped into that before for me so it was very welcome news. I asked for advice and immediately integrated a few changes into my routine. These miraculously did the trick! My breakouts decreased as my skin wasn’t producing as much oil to compensate and the color on my face evened out as well. Try these tricks and hopefully it can work for you too!

You guessed it…WATER

Just drink more of it! Throw fruit or a lemon or green tea in a cold glass and drink up as much as possible. It is pretty surprising how much better you feel and your skin will look right away.

Fish Oil

I already had fish oil supplements but once I started taking them a big more religiously rather than every so often, they absolutely helped my skin. It felt softer and clearer. Not to mention, there are quite a few other health benefits of these puppies!

Get the Right Toner

Don’t get one that will dry out your skin. That makes all the difference in the world. Get a toner that will cleanse your skin, not clog pours or irritate and that is pH balancing.

Facial Masks

Hydrate your skin once a week with a face mask. The extra care and dose of moisture really does go along way.


Serums are products I just recently put into my skincare routine. I put it on right after I shower and let it soak. I always pick one that is heavy on vitamin C as it is not only good for it but brightens the face and helps with acne scaring.


Never go to bed without moisturizer. It’s a drink for your face.

Lay off the Salt and Sugar a Bit

You are what you eat after all. Don’t overindulge too much is you are trying to get that skin clear and hydrated. Salt and sugar have the tendency to throw your hormones and pH balance off and make you look puffy. It is the anti-glow.


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