Bob’s Steak and Chop House


I work in the Financial District of San Francisco and sometimes I feel like I have barely tapped into it. I love that. It is the best part about a big city, there is always a new place to discover and more to the point, there is always a new, DELICIOUS place to discover.

I have walked past Bob’s Steak and Chop House plenty of times but once I actually walked it, I kicked myself for not going there sooner. It was warm, woodsy, classic and gave that upscale, welcoming, big city feel. It is connected to the Omni Hotel which boasts gorgeous décor, especially those chandeliers, and Bob’s fits in well.

My favorite part though? How well they do classic dishes. There is a surf and turf thing going on on their menu and that is the way to Jason’s and my heart so we were extra thrilled! As it is a steakhouse, we knew we both wanted to dig into the fresh, quality meats they offer and that we did. The meat, no surprise, turned out to be phenomenal as was everything else included. I’m actually so excited to relive this as I write it, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

The restaurant is a classic take on Bob’s original roots in Texas so there is a Texas barbeque theme with an elegant twist. Their specialty for appetizers is fresh pickles and peppers that I tried and they were delicious. My sister loves pickles too so I only wished she was there to enjoy it with me.


They also served us fresh, warm delicious bread and butter that was to die for! It smelled and tasted heavenly and we definitely had to remind ourselves to not go too heavy on the bread because the main course was yet to come. We then had a tomato, mozzarella, red onion salad which was spectacular. Dipping that warm bread into the remaining olive oil too really helped break out those Italian roots of mine!

img_6133 img_6159

As I said, we had our hearts set on steak and both ordered a ribeye. Their traditional meals are served with a yummy, sweet glazed carrot and your choice of potatoes. Jason picked sliced with onions and gravy and I got the garlic mashed (so delicious). We split a side of sautéed spinach and mushrooms. He wanted the spinach and I wanted mushrooms so it worked out well that they offered that.

img_6140 img_6139

Afterwards, we were given the dessert menu and though we were both full, we eyed the peanut butter, chocolate brownie sundae and did WORK. It was so delicious and amazing, I practically had to be rolled out of there.

img_6145 img_6144 img_6153

The next night, I had some leftovers and made one BOMB steak sandwich out of the remainder of the bread and my steak! Literally, it was like a double whammy of happiness!

All in all, the ambiance and food at Bob’s was beyond measure. I loved everything and really enjoyed my meal there. Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and nice too which really makes the dining experience extra special. It is perfect for when you are visiting, a business dinner, when you have guests or when you are just really craving a quality meal.

Check it out ASAP and enjoy! And you’re welcome in advance!




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