Flywheel: Taking Flight to a Healthier Bod


One of the best things about living in a big city is that we have so many awesome options for exercise classes. The most innovative, creative, fun ways to work out can always be found nearby but when it comes to exercise, I am a firm believer in finding what works for you.

Different bodies respond differently to various workouts. For instance, yoga just doesn’t agree with me but pilates, and barre classes are a much better variations of that with my body type, present injuries and how I retain muscle. Another one of my FAVORITE ways to workout is cycling. I love the dark rooms, fun and loud music, and being totally in the zone while hustling on a bike. I love nothing more than a solid sweat session and this workout, without fail, leaves me drenched! It kills my stress and leaves me feeling good.

Flywheel recently opened a new location in the Financial District of San Francisco and not only is it close to work but the facility is gorgeous! Everything is welcoming, clean with fresh fruit for cyclers and good work out clothes shopping! I have to make note too that the music in these classes as kicked some butt! I LOVED everything that has played so far and it definitely kept me motivated throughout the class.

img_5507 img_5506

What I love the most though is the quality of the bike. I am a bit bow legged so sometimes in other cycling classes my knees hit the bike and its not too comfortable. However, these bikes allow for my feet to move freely, making it significantly more conducive to my body.

Also, the bike is digital and you can see rpms and torque levels so when the instructor tells you to go up, it is much easier to. In other classes, I often times get lost at what resistance level I’m on. It also ranks you in the class (under pseudonyms of course) so you can see where you are at compared to your peers. This is actually a really great feature for those uber competitive people out there who get instantly amped at the thought of potentially winning. (Whatever pushes you along!) The arm weights were also long cylinders and much easier to hold which I really liked.



All around I thought it was a super refined version of cycling with top of the line equipment and something that can kick my booty in SHAPE! I loved it! If you check out my Instagram, I have a giveaway for all you local SFers and for everyone else, check and see if there is one near you and hop on this awesome bandwagon I’m currently riding.. er flying ;o) (Forgive the cheese there).



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