The Best Ways to Protect Your Skin in the Sun


I was raised by two people who made sure I had sunscreen on every time I walked out of the door. These days, I feel a bit naked if I’m in the sun without protection and I always makes sure to wear make up and face moisturizer with SPF. I fully intend to not look my age in my latter years (Fingers crossed!) so, I do everything I can now to ensure that I am doing my part in making this a possibility.

As one who hates sunburns, thinks tanning beds are a bit tacky and that a healthy glow only really comes from being active outside, I am all for finding ways to make sure we enjoy the outdoors without putting our skin in harm’s way. I traveled to quite a few tropical destinations this year and I have a few tricks to share that kept me enjoying the sun day in and day out and only returning with evidence of a healthy looking tan! For some of you out there, this may seem weird as it is fall but all of us in SF, we are getting into our gorgeous months that feel far more like summer than June and July!


Reapply your sunscreen

Your one slather in the morning? Yea, not going to cut it! Bring your lotion in your beach bag and reapply every so often, especially when you get out of the water. Trust me, it seems annoying, especially when you’re in sand but there is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a vacation with a sunburn, especially if it is in the beginning of your trip! Awful!

Hats and glasses all the way

They are cute for one but for two, glasses and hats not only protect you but allow you to be more active in the sun. Can’t play beach volleyball or read that Kindle Fire without something on you to block you from the sun

Stay hydrated

Just a rule of thumb. Water keeps your skin healthy whether it is in the sun or not so drink a bit extra so make sure it doesn’t dry out which can actually cause breakouts. Not to mention, itchy skin dry, skin is terrible!

Don’t forget your lips

Once in Hawaii, I forgot to put SPF on my lips, and they puffed up Angelina status (RIP Brangelina). It was painful and I looked ridiculous. It made eating and drinking far less fun which was a huge bummer the rest of the trip since that is my favorite vaca activity!

Find great coverups

Not only does it protect your skin, but there are some dang cute coverups out there! Some of my favorites are from Cabana Life. All of their clothes are made from materials that protect your skin from the sun but also allow it to breathe! I’m a huge fan as they are cute, comfy, and useful, which is basically the trifecta! Not to mention, there are so many of their pieces that are the perfect, convenient transition from beach lounging to lunch and shopping. I have the lounge pants and I loved them so much, after a day of relaxing with the family by the pool, I even wore them to bed! Yup, THAT comfy!



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