Mexican Fiesta Bachelorette Party


This last summer I went to Cabo to celebrate the Bachelorette Party of one of my best friends from college. It was a joint one with her friend (who I also love) and it could not have been a more sassy, colorful, classy, fun festivity! We had sombrero decorating, a private chef/bartender, massages, karaoke, and an amazing pool to enjoy! I had a blast and enjoyed every moment. The girls did such a wonderful job on the details of the weekend so I figured I would share to give some of you party planners out there a bit of inspiration.

IMG_3381 IMG_3450 IMG_3454 IMG_3410 IMG_3409 IMG_3405  IMG_3397 IMG_3602 IMG_3394 IMG_3501 IMG_3479 IMG_3483 IMG_3476 IMG_3471 IMG_3469 IMG_3464



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