RobinHealth is the Epitome of Convenience


Growing up and getting older means taking a more active role in our health. Gone are the days of mama scheduling our dentist and doctors appointments. It is officially our responsibility to do and life is hard to enjoy without your health so it should always take the utmost priority.

I have reiterated a million times on here how crazy life can be! Between work, relationships, and finding “me” time, there leaves little left in the day to run errands, cook healthy meals, and exercise. I usually have to schedule and meticulously plan out my weeks in order to make room for these essential things.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier and from that, there are so many apps and services that if we integrate them into our lives, it can very much help our day to days just be more convenient. There are note taking apps, walking apps, driving apps, payment apps and Shoot! There is even an app to track Aunt Flo! (Haha I just laughed at myself typing that).

One thing that I have to make time for is getting my prescriptions and those puppies are important! Whatever it is you take, you need and in a timely fashion! I often times find myself leaving work for 15 minutes to head over to the nearest drug store to pick up my prescriptions. It’s not hard of course but it is another factor in my day and another thing to cross off the list. I mean I could be doing my meditation app or getting a good stretch or break in during that time! But when I heard of RobinHealth, I said “Ta-Ta” to the days of dealing with that mess.

RobinHealth is made for those like me who have to have a step by step planner of each day to manage their lives. Or for those who aren’t like me who have kids and simply can’t imagine getting all the babes in the car to just run one errand. Or for those who are sick at home with the flu or cold and don’t have anyone to run that errand for them. Medicine and things that help keep us healthy or to feel better are usually things we don’t like to wait on. So RobinHealth makes it so that they are the fairy godmother.

RobinHealth delivers what you need to your front door and is as easy as pie! Not to mention, the direct access to a pharmacist via their platform in full on AIM/GChat fashion really makes me happy! I always have a million questions for doctors and pharmacists as I think it is important to take an active role in my own healthcare and this access really makes this so much more doable for me.

So this is the deal… it really is simple…

  •  Just sign up for RobinHealth and give them the name of your pharmacy, and POOF within minutes (in my experience) my presciptions have been loaded into their system.
  • Fill out your information: contact, address, payment and health insurance.
  • Put in your order and feel free to chat with the pharmacist on the chatroom located on the right hand side of the interface if need be.
  • Set the time of delivery.
  • Live your life and get a text of when their arrival is and BOOM your meds are right at your door!


I ordered my prescription face wash that helps keep my skin clear and gives it a little bit more medicine to make sure it stays that way. It was so nice being able to come home and cook and clean and have those extra 15 minutes to not have to go pick it up. (And living in the city, my day can alter tremendously but simply getting on an earlier bus ride home!)



I also intend to get things delivered next time Jason or I are sick so we can easily just get the rest needed to get better without having a chore to do when we feel like it the very least.

Oh also, did I mention deliver is FREE?! Yeah I know. This is also a San Franciscan’s dream! Any extra money towards rent is helpful. Literally, even if it is only 10 bucks! It is also open 24/7/365 (pretty amazing ehh?) There is also no additional costs, it is the same as going to a pharmacy AND they work with all healthcare providers!

It is a San Francisco service only right now and another part of the convenience is that it is so conducive to the lifestyle of us city dwellers. Underground isn’t available in every neighborhood and a lot of people don’t have cars so without Uber, getting from A to B can be a whole thing! This takes that extra effort totally out of the equation. Not to mention, it is safe and secure and you can trust that your private medicines can be delivered to you in a comfortable, safe fashion.

It’s a win- win! Make sure to check them out!



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