My New Favorite Beauty Products


It goes without saying that the best part of being a blogger is the amazing sampling we get to do. I mean really, if an afternoon hitting up the samples at Costco seems like the perfect activity, you should really consider tapping into this world because I have something fun and new to try on the regular. Whether it is  food, clothes, beauty products, I always come home excited to try out a new product.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I have come across recently that have been added into my medicine cabinet and/or make up bag for good.

Armani Eye Tint


One of my favorite parts of my face to dress up is my eyes. I’m a sucker for a good smoky eye and since I have dark hair and eyes, I can pull it off a bit more casually than lighter featured girls. I usually go for powder, loose or in a setting because honestly, what other kind of eye shadow is there? I’m definitely one of those people who have switched back and forth to loose powders to liquid in other types of make up but I have yet to have a eye shadow that offered me an opportunity to do so. Until Giogio Armani’s eye tint. UM, WOW!

I have to admit, I was skeptical. It looks a lot like lip gloss and I wasn’t sure quite how it would blend. When I tried it though, I was hooked. It has this polished, professional quality to it and is easy to blend with the wand or your finger tips. I am for sure a believer and so much so that I brought the set over to my mom and did her eye make up and now she’s loving it too! It just gave such a gorgeous quality without any powder falling down and contributing to that end-of-the-day, make-up raccoon look. You guys have to check it out! It by far is my new favorite product! (A pic of my eyes done up with these can be seen in my not-at-all posed pic above. Haha thanks for the pic mama!)

Living Proof -Anti Frizz – Humidity Shield


I have A LOT of hair. And it is naturally curly. With a mind of it’s own. And I love it. And sometimes hate it. Fact of the matter is that I know it is very nice hair to have since it is thick and versatile but I think I would love it a lot more if I had a hair stylist to do it for me. It can be pretty high maintenance and I simply don’t have that kind of patience or time. I don’t know what it is like to just wash it and blow dry it in ten minutes and POOF, perfect hair. But on the flip side, it takes DAYS for it to get greasy. Grass is always greener…

 I have learned through the years though how to do it but if there is even a slight bit of humidity out, BAM! Scary Spice circa ’99 is comin’ at ya! (She was my favorite though and I did love her hair back in the day…see? Can’t make up my mind!) Anyways, I came across Living Proof Humidity Shield and it is a product that has absolutely kept my wild locks at bay. This is also a go-to for anyone of all hair types who is planning to go on a tropical vaca! It’s a must! Just spray in after you style your hair (like hairspray) and it will keep the frizz out the equation and best part? No stickiness!

DHC Eyelash Tonic


Lashes are where it is at! They are so feminine and frame your eye so well so it is important to take care of this part of your face. I take a hair, skin, nail vitamin regularly but they needed a little extra boost. This lash boost from DHC is awesome as it helps condition my lashes before bed, giving them some extra TLC but also, works as an excellent primer before I apply mascara giving my lashes an extra pop! I’m all about it!

Volition Products


I’m obsessed not only with the products but with the idea behind Volition! I was lucky enough to be a part of their segment on QVC (and my boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed my little cameo!) but that aside, their business model is amazing and their products are superior. Volition gives women the opportunity to pitch a product they would like and a community votes and if it wins enough consensus, then they will turn it into a product. I personally loved the face cream and the liquid bronzer!




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