This Mission District is home to some of the most restaurants and eateries in the city and therefore, the country (since obviously good cuisine is attached to big cities). Every time I go out to eat there, I leave not only full and satisfied, but like I just had a culinary adventure. The Mission is home to many creative souls and I definitely think it reflected in the food there as everything is always so unbelievable innovative and flavorful.

There is a new kid in town on Valencia Street of the Mission District though that is giving all the other spots a run for their money. Barzotto is a new restaurant that has a simple yet wonderful menu of delicious dishes that are done expertly well. This is what I call the In-N-Out Burger Effect. Aka… the menu isn’t cluttered with options but what is there is perfection. This also proves my quality over quantity point, I wrote about fairly recently. Anyway, I digress.

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It was absolutely one of the most phenomenal brunches I have had and I spent the whole time not only eating and chatting but sending my friends and family pictures of the dishes because I felt like they were simply too good and too beautiful to not share! Their usual menu consists of Italian classics with the most delectable, fresh, homemade pastas made right in front of you. We had the opportunity to sample some of the pasta plates and they were authentic, and absolutely to-die-for! I really could have devoured 5 full plates of pasta to myself.

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We also tried out all of their brunch options starting with delicious mimosas, cocktails, and Italian coffee. The next dish was poached egg in fresh sauce and veggies with sourdough for dipping! Literally drooling thinking about it again. The squash inside the dish was actually one of the most surprising parts as it was not only perfectly cooked but so flavorful and added a lot to plate. Yolk and tomato sauce mixed with bread though? I mean that is pretty much perfection in my book!


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Next we had porchetta with roasted tomatoes with a gorgeous green sauce that was a burst of Italian flavors that complimented the meat perfectly. It felt hearty and light and filled you with that brunch need for something hearty and substantial. It was a great addition especially with the sweetness we had ahead.



While we enjoyed the egg, porchetta, and pasta dishes, I was very much looking forward to the sweet dishes as well since I love having both sweet and savory and don’t think brunch is complete without it. I have been craving pancakes or French toast lately so when I saw that a French toast with strawberries and fresh marscapone was coming out soon, I was thrilled! My tastebuds felt the same. It was DELICIOUS and tasted more like a pastry from the angels than French toast. I hardly took a second to even take pictures of it.


Afterwards we were given frozen yogurt gelato with traditional Italian toppings that felt refreshing and palette cleansing but also like the most perfect treat! I love frozen yogurt and gelato both more than tradition ice cream so it was perfect in my book!


Not only was brunch and food outstanding, which of course is the most important part, the service was exceptional and so welcoming and kind. I also was obsessed with the details of the venue as it was clean and fresh feeling and essentially exactly what I want my kitchen to look like one day.

So, after this, I’m sure I’ll be seeing all your babes at Barzotto for lunch soon!

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