The Girl and The Fig



This past weekend, my boyfriend and I headed up to Sonoma for our friends’ wedding. I haven’t been to wine country in a while and was so excited to get back to the gorgeous, wine-loving, vineyard lined town just an hour outside of the city. His parents were invited to the wedding too and as a thank you to his mom and stepdad for taking us on quite the amazing family vacation this summer, we wanted to treat them to dinner.

I picked one of my favorite restaurants that my mom and I went to four years ago while on a girl’s trip to Napa, The Girl and the Fig. (Funnily enough, we went the week before Jason and I re-met and started dating). The menu and setting is essentially exactly what I would create if I were to ever have a restaurant. It is heavy on the cheese and wine and mixes sweet and salty flavors on the charcuterie boards. The dishes are innovative, fresh, with special twists on classics. I could not get enough and we were definitely spoiled by our adorable (and pregnant- you go mama!) waitress.

Not to mention, they make their charcuterie in house and have a biodynamic farm in Sonoma so some of the wine I theirs too!  Basically doesn’t get more authentic or fresh than that! Their French country, farm-to-table restaurant and ambiance can really make a hungry girl happy!

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We sipped on champagne, rose, beers, and this lavender, honey, lemon, gin cocktail I was eyeing. I made sure we had the charcuterie board that was absolutely gorgeous filled with four amazing cheeses (blue was on there of course – a must!) and a flock of nuts, fruits, dates, jams, mustards, and of course, some delicious cuts of cured meats. (My weakness). Paired with bread, and it was the perfect cocktail of food and drinks and company for a Friday afternoon. I was one happy lady!

We were also served these gorgeous grilled peppers. They were pretty mild and outstandingly flavorful. They added a nice twist and balance to the cheese, fruit and meats.


We ordered a medley of salads, sandwiches, salmon and seafood and enjoyed the meal very much. I really thought the apple flavors with the salmon were a great addition.


Now on to dessert..



We had these delicious chocolate ice cream éclairesque bits of sexiness which were outstanding but the lavender crème brule sort of took my breath away. Lavender is not only a favorite smell and color of mine but the TASTE! I love the flavor. It was the perfect balance to the sweetness of the creme brule and I was essentially levitating over my body while I was eating it. THAT good.

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Aside from the wonderful food, service and company, the atmosphere was quaint, charming, and welcoming. We sat in the back patio with strung lights and it was a wonderful way to start a weekend filled with love and celebration.



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