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When Jason and I moved in together I was excited for many reasons. Of course, the first being was that I was able to start a grown up home with my best friend  but also, to have my own space, to welcome a new bit of convenience into my life in that we didn’t have to split time at two apartments, and to invest in décor that I knew would be sticking around for a while.

The blogger and creative in me was, not shockingly, pumped for this new decorating I would be able to dive into so I created rooms and inspiration sets on Polyvore and headed over to Pinterest. Once I decided what I wanted and the style or theme, I showed Jason. Once he approved (afterall, it is his space too), I was ready to have at it.

QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-37  QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-34 QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-38

I was most decisive about the kitchen. I decided I wanted to do a rustic, welcoming, almost Southwestern/chic theme and since I like neutrals and basics as my foundation colors, I picked black and white. From there, I picked out pieces of art from various sources that helped me create the look and vibe I was going for and matched them with things I already owned.

My collage wall ended up looking like this:


I want to explain what these pieces mean to me because it absolutely helped make the entire decorating experience more personal and I love adding those notes into our home.

The NOLA sign I bought in New Orleans on one of our first vacations together, California, is but of course, our home state, the cacti picture represents my time going to school in Arizona, the palm trees remind me of my life in LA and the frame their are in is made by family friend Angie and her company Woodkeeps, the horse shoes are an inside joke between my best friend and I, and the camels and the giraffe? Well, I love ’em!

I thought my globe wine cork holder Jason gave me fit and was well matched with my new aloe vera plant and chevron frame. Not to mention, the little wooden elephant on here is actually a tooth pick holder and used to live at my Nana and Grandpa’s bar so I’m always happy when I can make some of their things home with me. I also decorated with items that were not only rustic in theme but used a lot of gold undertones like this pineapple from Mintwood.

QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-32 QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-29

I bought a runner that is from India and I loved the pattern as it tied everything in but I think one of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the inclusion of plants. I always love to have fresh flowers and find that greenery not only makes the air cleaner but makes everything feel a little bit homier and more natural. From this realization, Orchard Supply runs have been a bit more common than ever before in my life.


Now finally, the most exciting part of our duo decorating projects was the bar cart. He was just as pumped as I was to make it look good however, it changes all the time since bottles come and go every time we have guests over. Stay tuned for a post all about how to decorate the bar cart. It deserves one on its own!

More so I wanted to create a space that I would enjoy living my life in- reading, having a drink, cooking, and hosting guests. Since it is so far my favorite part of our apartment, I’m happy to say, I think I’ve done just that!

Up next: our bedroom is aaallllmost done and I’m excited to share that. It was actually the easiest to find the color scheme for that: navy, gold and dark wood. The family room has been more of a work in progress as we have a little nook I’m turning into a music/book area: complete with a library, karaoke machine, record player and guitar! Get ready!





QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-49 QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-8


QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-17 QuiannaMariePhotography-JennaRoseColoredGlasses-13


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  • Marguerite Dunigan

    YOUR BAR CAR IS UNREAL! This makes me want to re-do mine. And I love how your kitchen decor turned out! I want to visitttttt. Also also your outfit is on point & I love everything about this post. That bout sums it up. So exciting Jenna!

    • Awww thanks Doll Face! Haha we just had people over to half the bar cart contents were in the dishwasher! It literally looks different all the time but we both love it! And thanks my love, please come visit soon! xoxoxoo

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