Hosting a Low Key Girl’s Weekend


I have a solid group of friends from middle school and high school and after almost 17 years of friendship, we are still very much in each other’s life which is a rarity as there was a big bunch of us. It is pretty special and now that we are all a little bit older and have for the most part, migrated back to living near each other again, we have been able to see each other much more. (One of my friends literally lives two blocks away from me now…)

This past weekend, we all made the trek a couple hours away to Arnold and stayed at one of our friend’s family cabin. It was a quick weekend but relaxing, fun, and a great change of scenery. I did not come back at all feeling tired but more so rejuvenated from having a nice time in a quiet, beautiful place.

Here is some advice for how this was pulled off….

Go Grocery Shopping and Cook

My friend and I were the last there but three of the girls were there an extra night and they went to the grocery store and planned out our meals. We had BBQ sausage, peppers, veggies and this BOMB potato casserole. We had omelets and an egg casserole for breakfast with lots of fruit and then tacos for dinner another night. The food was great and we only went to a restaurant once to grab apps while we were wine tasting. It kept the trip down in costs and it was fun to share recipes and have a ‘family’ dinner.

Bring Plenty of Games

Cards Against Humanity, playing cards, Balderdash, Right Left Center, and Heads Up were all available to us and kept us laughing and busy each night. We didn’t turn on the TV once!

Stock up on the Wine

7 girls means lots of wine! Make sure there is enough to go around!

Plan One Outing

We went wine tasting at the nearby tasting rooms and had so much fun! Our friend and her family were regulars so we were set up with some great wine. It was a lot of fun and summer HOT out so I was a liittttllle tired at the end of it so make sure whatever outing you do- always bring water with ya!


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