Farallon Restaurant


San Francisco is one of the best culinary spots. There are so many wonderful types of cuisine to find around here and fabulous restaurants, hole-in-the-walls, eateries, and food trucks to find these amazing meals at. However, my favorite type of food in San Francisco is seafood. With the Bay right there and the culture of the city, I think seafood restaurants have a more authentic feel.

I’m always excited to try new places and Jason and I recently enjoyed a FANTASTIC dinner at Farallon. Not only was the décor welcoming with a vintage yet classic feel and accents of a sea life theme, the food was phenomenal and it was right outside one of the most iconic spots in the city, Union Square.

We met there after work and it was only a short Muni ride for him and a quick walk for me which makes it perfect for business dinners as we both work in popular areas in SF for offices. It also would be an excellent spot to go to on the weekend too as the surrounding area is hip and happenin’ (aka lots of bars, shopping, clubs, and theaters nearby).

We were welcomed by a very friendly staff  and our server Lee. We were seated at a very intimate table that was so great as it created a great setting for us to catch up on our busy days at work. Life is so crazy and having some quiet one on one time is always appreciated!

We were given a delicious menu filled with seafood options which as I said, is thrilling to me because seafood dishes are my favorite in the city and Jason was well on board as seafood is his favorite food in general. (I’m pretty sure he loves King Crab Legs as much as he loves me… if not more…)


We decided to try some of the appetizers as a meal as everything looked so delicious, we had a hard time picking. We were given some fresh bread with salted butter that I ended up dipping in a few places to soak up some sauces (a habit of the Italian in me). A very nice Sommelier, Luke, came over and paired some great wine to go with everything we ate which was one of my favorite parts as I enjoyed hearing how he chose the pairings.


We started with this awesome and very interesting cavier dish to sip down with champagne. It was so unique and I really loved it. It was cavier over popcorn and…ready for it?…. French brown butter. SO good! It had this mixture of a childhood favorite mixed with the refined taste of cavier. It was a great start!

IMG_3235 IMG_3210

We had a couple bite size tastings and headed right on in to tasting our tuna tartar (which is something we both love). It was surrounded by a bit of tomato sauce which added a whole knew flavoring and an opportunity to dip our delicious bread.


We were told they make their own charcuterie which is my favorite. Cured meats are just way too good, it’s sinful!  So we were given a melon salad with nuts, and salami which was this wonderful blend of sweet and salty that also had some shrimp on top which really added to the taste and made it a bit heartier. This was one of my favorite meals.


Next we tried an abalone dish that had Asian fusions which was delicious. My brother-in-law used to abalone dive and I would have some at him and my sister’s house and it was so good so I knew I had to try it! I was not disappointed.


We topped the rest of the meal off with a grilled octopus corn chowder, bone marrow on toast (I know it can sound strange but it was not our first time eating it and trust me when I say, it is DELICIOUS), and then lobster ravioli. It was all so scrumptious and I loved that we did the appetizers because I left like it was goody-bag meal, everything was new an exciting and we had great quality of eats.


My favorite part of the meal though is how innovative it was. Everything was delicious and fresh but I am such a sucker for a restaurant and menu that gets creative and utilizes flavors that I would never have put together. I had so much fun trying everything because it was so inventive with varying textures which made the whole experience even more fun. Jason, the chef (great name! haha), came down and introduced himself and was so nice! It really added a nice touch to the experience!



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