How to Stay Healthy on the Go – Pique Tea Giveaway!


If you’re an avid follower of JRCG, you may have noticed I have been a girl on the move lately. July has been a month of trips and though I’m tired and have yet to completely unpack, I couldn’t be happier! The thing with travel, particularly in the summer when it is so hot and you go in and out of intense air conditioning to roaring temperatures, is making sure to keep hydrated and healthy.

Vacations also call for a lot of celebrations and eating good food so all those extra cocktails and that extra salt not to mention, jet lag and temperature adjustments, can really take a toll on our bodies.

To make sure that I keep my skin clear and body ready to take on my next set of adventures, I follow these rules:

Take Vitamins

Emergen-C is a staple in my purse when traveling (as well as hand sanitizer – yuck planes!) I also make sure that I take my probiotics, daily multivitamin and fish oil supplements to keep my skin healthy and body fighting all the extra germs I’m exposed to.

Keep up with my Routine

When traveling during the summer, you get a bit sweatier and not to mention the recycled air on planes is notorious for clogging pores. When on the plane, I make sure to have a clean face and to use a hydrating face mist. It is very refreshing and keeps me balanced. I also ensure that I keep up with my regular skin routine and don’t slack on sunscreen (Ouch! Burns can really put you out for a few days), nighttime creams, and moisturizers. Making sure that your body is staying with some consistency while traveling I find helps a lot in coming back healthy.

Hydrate – Lots of Water and Pique Tea!

Water, water, water! This one is obvious and sometimes it is a pain to drink a lot as you’ll find yourself having to take extra trips to the bathroom but it is worth it. It flushes out your system and knocks out all the toxins and bad (yet delicious) food. However, sometimes water can taste dull and to spice it up and give myself some extra nutrients and flavors, I use Pique Tea.

Pique Tea is organic tea crystals that conveniently come in travel size packets that are conducive to the girl on the move! They have all the best flavors including black tea and earl grey tea! (Yup, I’m an Anglophile!) I find that adding them into hot water or even my water bottle, really gives me that extra incentive to keep hydrating because it tastes so dang good! You have to check out their tea collection and be sure that you make them a part of your next trip’s “to pack” list!

To get a head start, enter the giveaway below to win Pique Tea packets, a tea bottle, and a cute little carry pouch! Enter below! Good luck! :o)


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  • grahamcrackersf

    Love this list! I can’t wait to try Pique Tea crystals!!

  • I love me some probiotics, do you drink kombucha? I love the stuff 😀 Pique has me intrigued, fingers crossed!


    • Fingers crossed for sure! It’s so cool it absolutely tastes as good as a seeping tea bag but way more convenient! And YES! I LOVE kombucha! Tummy health to the max! I’m with ya there!

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