Book Review: The Girl on the Train

After spending a long weekend in New York with one of my best friends, Stephanie, I absolutely have felt a creative rejuvenation. NYC alone always makes me feel that way. The art, the food, the views, the people, the theater and mostly just the energy really buzz through me.

Spending so much time with Steph was really a gift because since we have been balancing our bicoastal friendship for the last 10 years, it isn’t often that we get so much time to catch up. She is hands down one of the most intelligent, creative, innovative, fun people I know with an absolutely wonderful mind and being around her and picking her brain is one of my favorite things to do. Not to mention, she is absolutely stunning. (Renaissance woman!) There is one thing about our friendship that has always remained the same too. Without fail, our conversations gravitate to books since it is one of the threads of commonality that we share.

We are both bibliophiles and have impromptu book clubs whenever we have a chance. I feel like I leave her always having about 10 more books, short stories or poems to add to my list and I love that! So invigorating. We even made the effort last summer to do a YouTube Book Club. Check it out here.

Because of this, I decided to make the books I read a little bit more a part of my blog. I have absolutely mentioned them and shared my lists but I haven’t gone into a ton of depth on certain stories so I’m going to switch that up. With all the traveling I have been doing this summer, I’ve been plowing through my reading list. I love, LOVE having a bit extra time while sitting on the plane to enjoy a story. While I was in the Caribbean, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was a big hit for me and since it is becoming a movie soon, I figured I’d give a little review on it. And for the record, it is ALWAYS better to read before seeing the movie. Movies are great but they just don’t compare as books allow you to really know and understand the characters. So I recommend for any of you who have seen the trailer and are interested, read the book! Even if reading isn’t your thing, you’ll get hooked!

So enough of that rant (haha yes, I do have a little one of those quote table décor things that live on my bookshelf that mentions some joke about always reading the book before watching the movie… nerd alert!)

The Girl on the Train was awesome. Prior to reading, I found it was often compared to Gone Girl, which I absolutely loved, so I was thrilled to kick my reading of this book into high gear. Needless to say, it didn’t take long to get attached. When I had to stop reading and had any moment of downtime, I wanted it back in my hand so I could dive back into it.

Here is the gist: The book is in the narrative of three women. It is raw, honest and they are all intricately tied into a delicate story of marriage, fidelity, betrayal, mystery, and of course, murder. The honesty that the characters share about their experiences was so fascinating as it allows you to dive in the minds of people who make choices that are totally foreign, at least to my own thought process.

The book allows for opportunities for the readers to keep guessing what happened, who is guilty, and where certain character’s intentions lie. It is wonderfully complex with fully developed characters with backgrounds and back stories that helped to enrich the storyline fully.

I will happily say that I guessed the ending which was fun for me and honestly different because while watching movies or books, I don’t want to guess, I just want to see how it plays out. I feel the same way about riddles, I appreciate the whole thing in its entirety and don’t want anything spoiled so I like knowing the answer rather than guessing. With stories, I like reading and slowly finding out rather than guessing too. It’s weird but it’s how I do.

This book has definite elements and themes that are significantly heavier than your average beach read. However, it moves very quickly and smoothly that it will keep you enticed.

Check it out and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or recommendations for books that you would like, or would like to give. They are always welcome! More reviews on the way to you! Also, my friends and I have a fun book club planned, so get ready in the upcoming months to hear all about that!


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