Favorite Things

Summa, summa, summatiiime. It’s in full mode over here! (Well except for the fact that it is foggy in SF). Work is a bit slower, smells of BBQ can be found just opening a window, the fan is popular in our apartment, and there is a list of movies and books that I can’t wait to watch and/or dive into. I have been on the vacation of the Gods already on an amazing Cruise as well as anĀ fantastic trip to New York.

The following weekends, I have more trips and weddings and concerts to enjoy. There is just so much fun, excitement and activity everywhere I look. I have two of my besties starting to plan their weddings this summer and countless other friends I get to see tie the knot. The fun just isn’t stopping so I wanted to share some pictures and highlights…so without further adieu, here is a few of my favorite things (thank you Julie Andrews).


Chocolate ice cream in a teacup + sprinkles and a mermaid tail blanket? You can’t even pretend that’s not clutch. Felt like royalty


Two lil parrots sittin in a tree… #CozumelMexico



Tipsy pictures… it’s what happens when you drink yummy cocktails on a cruise ship for 7 days straight…


Granny turned 90! Her door was pimped out for the occasion on the cruise!


New ice cream place new work is the perfect summer gift. This Key Lime Pie flavor was bomb and I had a special place in my heart for those chunks of buttery crust.


Father’s Day with my Daddio and alllll his kiddos!


Jennifer’s birthday/graduation cake. It was vegan, delicious, and pretttty dang pimped out.


Jen’s pretty grad roses.


A SunDevil reunion! Love my besties from college!


My homemade stuffed artichokes….perfect after a long day and with a glass of wine!


Me and my silly little nugget poolside…. with an appearance of her floaties..


WINC on the WKND in our kitchen


Children’s Hospital volunteering…arts and crafts ready to go!


San Francisco street art is beautiful. #urbanbeauty


My very talented coworker sketched this for me and painted it with coffee paint. It is a gorgeous addition in our home and I’m so thankful for it!


View of the Bridge from Tiburon. (I had a fun project there that I’m excited to share with you all!)


I think this lady has the life. I could do this all day and snuggle up with each and every one of those lil pupparoos!


Need I say more?


Came home from the cruise and we had lunch with my parents…this was the perfect meal to start healthy eating again.


Strawberry daiquiris all day in Jamaica!


My little boy is quite the fish and floatie free this summer!


Can’t Hate Haiti


Moscow Mules… Jason can make them pretty good and they have turned into quite the specialty.





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