My Life Changing Facial at SenSpa


So this is going to be one of those posts where I let it all out and get real with you. I feel like this often times happen during my beauty posts or my advice/thoughts ones, but here it goes…

Skin woes are real. They suck and after being a porcelain skinned only occasionally spotted teenager, I was fairly annoyed that once womanhood fully kicked in and I no longer could even claim early twenties, that I had more acne than I did during those hormonal, instant messaging, LimeWire downloading, diary keeping, boy band listening years. So obnoxious! Too ironic and cruel I say! I have spent the last 3 years wondering wtf has happened to my skin and why this is all the sudden an issue in my life. You’d have thought one would escape such pesky annoyances.

You might be scrolling through your mind reasons as to why this is happening to me but let me tell you I wash my face twice a day (this includes all college years too…always went to bed with a clean face even after parties!) I wear moisturizers, face sunscreen, serum, anti-wrinkle creams, retin-A, and eye creams. I don’t use products with oil and all are hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic. I even take a damn skin/hair/nails vitamin, probiotics, and digestive enzymes! So what in the WORLD is up?

It’s been a process of experimenting but I have to say a lot became clear fairly recently. Through the blog, so many wonderful brands, companies, events, and talents and I get to team up. I love the creative, fun vibe it brings and everyone offers something fun and a new adventure. I was so pleased to try out SenSpa in SF (the Presidio to be exact, one of my favorite places in the city!). I went in for a facial service. I made sure to do this after my vacation and was in the sun so then there would be no irritation from my Retin-A use as I put that on hold during my days in the sun. I have to honestly tell you this was one of the most personally beneficial blogging opportunities I have had. I adored my service and the talented aesthetician Krystiana that essentially made my face glow like it hasn’t in years.

I could feel my skin radiating health and only after an hour and fifteen minutes with Krystiana, my face felt and looked better than it had in 4 years. I was elated! She used a variety of light therapies, cleansers, moisturizers, and high frequency tools on me and basically gave me some tips on how to upkeep my complexion. First thing was first, I’m a picker (tmi?). Can’t help it. I’m one of those weird people who can watch drpimplepoppers Instagram (click at your own risk) and not flinch. In fact just the opposite, I find that cleansing process very satisfying. Krystiana implored that I stop. NOW. And when something seems tempting, ice it and the swelling will go down.

Ok check, that is my fault especially since I have a bit of scaring.

Also she pointed out something to me that no one else has been so adamant about- my skin is very dry. It was dehydrated and likely not just from being in the Caribbean sun for a week. I do try to drink a lot of water regularly but find that sometimes it is had to motivate myself to keep chugging (and not to mention, having to get up to pee every 5 minutes) but this news was incentive to start pushing myself harder. My combination skin needs it.

This facial was not only wonderful in results but also I felt like I had an education on my skin which is funny because I have actively taken an interest in my skin health for years and have never quite had a dermatologist or facialist be so clear as to what I needed.

And how does it look now you ask? Improving everyday! I’ve added a heavy vitamin C serum to the mix on my regime, am forcing down extra water, and added fish oil supplements to my diet.

So SenSpa, most importantly gave me a rejuvenation in motivation to up my skin health

. I see results already so obviously this is most important when picking a spa. That isn’t the only fabulous thing about them though. They offer a variety of advanced and wonderful services, have a gorgeous location with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the picturesque Presidio, and offer a stunning, welcoming venue in which to relax, get zen, and enjoy your treatments.

True to the culture of Eastern medicine, the entire place is decorated as so. There are rooms to relax with tea and refreshments services. Not to mention, a full bar and eating area to hydrate, enjoy, and nourish yourself after whatever procedure your body had.

The facilities are clean and welcoming. There is a place to shop to keep up your new regimes with products that are better fit for you as well as a full and gorgeous locker room with a steam room, showers, and all items needed at your disposal.

You absolutely need to check them out! If you are like me and were quite frustrated with your skin, this is the place for you!


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