Italian Picnic in North Beach


Being Italian has always been a part of my identity. My mom’s side is full blooded Italianos! I’m Sicilian and Tuscan on that side and though my mom is a very even tempered person, that Italian spicy personality trait definitely made it’s way down to me somehow, as has the love for food and cooking! My dad is English and Norwegian and though there is a part of me that identifies with that as well, there is nothing quite like the importance and releveance in my life of my Italian heritage. (My dad will even say he is Italian by marriage!)

When I was younger, I never quite understood the joy my Nana and her sister and friends would feel when someone would eat a lot of food or wipe their plates clean. Really, it’s a thing! They were just THRILLED to see someone with a healthy appetite! Just the other day though, I felt it transition down to me as one of Jason’s friends was over and I fed him and didn’t finish it all. Like what? Finish your plate boy! (Admittedly I kept the food, I also have a thing about wasting good eats!)

There is just something about being Italian that I am proud of. I feel that everyone should feel this way about their heritage and if not, it may be likely since their families have been in the melting pot United States for a few more generations than mine. I am a third generation Italian so slang, recipes, and traditions are still alive and well in our family and we are already starting to teach my niece and nephew a few things too!

When I met Brittany of To B Candid, we got together to make friends and talk blog life (what can I say? SF has the best blog community ever!) and we soon realized that we have a pretty basic common thread of having a strong connection to our Italian heritage. We both love to eat, love wine, Italy, and the stories and traditions that come from being raised Italian. Instant friends right there!


Messy hair? Don’t care! Learning some sassy slang and eating Biscotti!

We both have a few phrases and words up our sleeves but are obsessed with the Duolingo app because it allows us to consistently practice the language we love in a convenient manner. Quick and thorough lessons are easily integrated into our busy lives!

IMG_8982 IMG_8975

We decided to set up a picnic at Washington Square Park in North Beach and practiced our Duolingo lessons and read from my funny “Dirty Italian” book that I got from Urban (where else?).

IMG_8927 IMG_8935


We had rose and nibbled on biscotti and then took it to one of the awesome restaurants near by and enjoyed some wine and pasta! Yum! The North Beach Festival is this weekend so if you happen to be in the Bay Area, be sure to check it out as there are lots of things for you fellow carb and cheese lovers out there!

IMG_9057 IMG_9062 IMG_2338

Also, be sure to look into the Duolingo app! It hosts a variety of languages to learn and it really works! My vocabulary and grammar in Italian has improved immensely! Not to mention, it gives me a chance to brush up on French!



So on that note, Ciao Bella!

And also… I clearly have a hard time posing for pictures with a cookie near me and not getting caught chewing…yup! Pretty delicious…

IMG_9049 IMG_9050


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