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We live in a photo world people! With apps and so many various platforms accessible to us, we have become our own photographers which is great for capturing precious moments while we are living them. It is a part of our world (thanks social media) and though I love this and the creative part of it (I mean of course, I blog after all), I still have a feeling of utter happiness when I look at a picture from a really spectacular camera and lens. The quality transcends the amazing capabilities of our smart phones. Sometimes you just can’t mess with the big boys and a beautiful camera will always kill it. It all works, but there’s something just extra special about a high quality photograph.

However, as a blogger, I’m always good with both. If you follow my Instagram feed, most of it is taken off my smart phone as I can’t and won’t carry around my Nikon throughout my day to day life and it works! But for some things, especially really special occasions and certain editorials like fashion, I loooove bringing out the big guns.

Because of this, I went to Blink Inc in Valley Fair in Santa Clara. I was so curious about the services they offered and I have to say, not only did I have a blast, but I loved the results, the staff was friendly, my photographer was talented (Kelsey), and I felt instantly comfortable in a situation that sometimes can start out making you feel a bit self conscious.

They offer a gorgeous studio with an opportunity to take photographs of anything you please. Family portraits, pets, business, friends, engagement, you name it! And as for props, as long as it can get through the studio, you got it! And speaking of the studio, it’s beautiful! It is gorgeous, well-lit and is like a giant, blank canvas of creativity! (You really gotta see it, so cool!)

Also, it must be noted, one of the things I love about getting my picture taken professionally is that the photographer tells me what to do. Usually when I recruit the family members or friends, they (so wonderfully) follow my lead on what I want for the outcome of the picture. However, it is so nice to not think and just go with the flow and listen to music, and I definitely got a bit of that in during my Blink experience. I had so many shots in different poses that I know I wouldn’t have thought of in the moment so it was a great experience that way just for inspiration alone for my future shoots.

On top of this? It’s crazy affordable! You guys need to check it out. :o)

So, without further adieu, here are some of my shots…get ready for a lot of Jenna here…. (eeek!)

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Ok now, because as you may know, I aim for my blog to be more relatable than anything, I figured I would share a blooper slash one of my favorite pictures of myself ever… it made me laugh so that’s always worth the shot… Enjoy….







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