How to Decorate for the Eclectic Soul – Dot & Bo Style

There is something relaxing about decorating. Of course it is expressive and should be a reflection of your taste, but it is also therapeutic to scroll through sites and see different patterns, textiles, and inspiration.

As a new apartment renter and enjoying the first time sharing a home with my boyfriend, I’m really enjoying discovering my taste combined with things I think he might like (or at least, not mind). It’s been fun investing in pieces and creating a place for us that we both find welcoming and comfortable.

It has also been a fun challenge with combining what we like. He definitely is more art deco, appreciates classy sports memorabilia (as we have a lot up already), and prefers the more all around masculine look. I, on the other hand, am a bit more funky. I love classic, rustic, and eccentric things rolled up into one!  I like mixing art and colors with trendy and also vintage pieces. I really just favor the look of different styles artfully put together, creating something new and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve never been a matchy-matchy type of person and like the idea of playing while I create. I am excited to share what we have done so far though, our kitchen is about done! Stay tuned!

Dot & Bo is one of my favorite places to shop for home décor as they offer things that work for both Jason and me. I also enjoy putting together ideas for places that I would one day like to style or decorate, seeing as I don’t have a ton of rooms in my apartment, I like to play I lot with ideas that I can one day do.

In spirit of this, I put together a little family room that would definitely feed the more eclectic soul but also has a good mix of masculine and feminine notes that would likely please both parties! All pieces are from the Dot &  Bo collection! Check it out!


Eclectic Decor: Art Deco


What’s the key to this look?
There are a few things to following when trying to create a fun, eccentric décor that would feed both the masculine and feminine souls. Stay close to these rules.
  • Add a few pops of colors in smaller décor items that may be different than the room’s main color pallet. (This feeds the feminine side).
  • Mix modern lighting and trinkets and pair them with rustic and classic furniture.
  • Add plants. No room is complete without them.
  • Do add geometric shapes.

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