Guava Mint Mimosas

DSCN1175Saturdays are for brunch! I know this. You know this. We all know this. And no matter what anyone says, it’s not basic because we all have to eat! And if you don’t like lunch foods, then breakfast foods it is…and vice versa. The moral of this story: there is something for everyone and what brunch is not complete without some yummy mimosas?

Now I don’t discriminate against a classic orange juice mimosa, but I do love to experiment. I hosted a couple friends for brunch this Saturday and came up with a yummy concoction! Try out my guava mint mimosas!

You will need:

  • One lemon
  • Guava juice
  • Champagne (but of course)
  • Mint leaves


Simple right?

To start, chop up some fresh mint leaves. (Be sure to wash them, thats why they look a little soggy below, always gotta wash produce! Don’t worry it won’t ruin the taste!)


Then fill up your champagne glasses with as much as you see fit! Really the ratio is up to you!




Fill the rest of the cup with guava juice.


Sprinkle in the mint leaves.


Squeeze a little lemon juice in and shop the remainder of the lemon into rounds and use as a garnish!



Next, sip away with friends and enjoy!



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  • Tiffany Ingram

    I spy Iron Horse champagne! These sounds so yummy! Let’s make them together soon 😉

    • Yes! Come over soon! Drinks for us! Haha and I have a funny story about the making of these. You’ll appreciate. Involved a champagne shower! :o) Blogging is never dull.

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