San Francisco Blogger’s Spring Celebration


It is no exaggeration when I have mentioned how wonderful the blog community in San Francisco is. I have made so many wonderful friends and met inspiring people through this little venture of mine!

When I moved back to the Bay Area almost four years ago and finished traveling for a while, I already had a group of friends here since I grew up in the area. I had plenty of acquaintances too who became friends, not to mention all my boyfriend’s friends. This was all so wonderful and of course made the transition easier during that time. However, other than work or one day with children, I have often heard people mention how later in life it is harder to make new friends. We aren’t moving to new cities, going to classes or trying out for sports teams as much anymore (though I think we always should be open to those experiences no matter what!) so the built in opportunities to branch out and meet new people are fewer and far between. Being a blogger though has allowed me to put myself out there in the city and meet so many new faces that have enriched my life here. I still have the comfort of all my familiar loves but now I have new loves too and for that, I am very grateful.

From this sentiment, my friend Tiffany, who also became a friend through blogging, and I combined forces and decided to put together a little brunch with some of our favorite ladies who blog. We thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of the amazing brands and products who also call San Francisco home and have a chance to talk, sip mimosas, and have some fun!


To sum it up, it was a success! We all met on a very HOT Sunday afternoon in San Francisco at Scotland Yard in the Marina District. We were wined and dined and spoiled with amazing eats ands sips! Being bloggers, of course we got a few good food shots in (and all commented how the patience to take a good snap was a luxury not many of us have when dining with our significant others haha).

We were given a feast of chicken and waffles, burgers, avocado toasts, ribs, bagel bites with prosciutto, fruit, among so many other FABULOUS dishes and washed it all down with a variety of mimosas, my favorite being the blood orange mimosa! Mmmm!

IMG_9961 IMG_9956  IMG_7470 IMG_7468 IMG_7478 IMG_7489

We spent the majority of the time chatting, catching up, or getting to know one another better. The blog community in the area is fairly small and we all have crossed paths either digitally or at events so it granted everyone a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted. Tiffany and I wanted to be sure that the event felt organic as we genuinely wanted to host an opportunity to not only share our favorite brands but also to spend time amongst friends.

IMG_7464 IMG_7590 IMG_7545

IMG_0022 IMG_7578 IMG_7462

Unlike most blog events we didn’t get a giant group picture which I actually think shows how we spent so much time enjoying each other’s company that making sure we took a group shot fell by the wayside which for bloggers, I’d like to think is a testament to how much fun we were having!


Want to host a spring brunch with friends?!

After planning such an event, I do have some advice on creating a great brunch with friends. The main cocktail for a good time for me will always be good food, wine and company, but here are some tidbits that will help you put an extra special touch on a springtime brunch!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Pick some yourself or hop into Trader Joe’s and grab one of their many stunning bouquet options (seriously they nail it everytime!). Flowers are the easiest way to decorate and they add a little something extra to your home in the days after the event. If you don’t prefer them, hand them out as favors! Just bring some string and wrap a few together and VOILA! Simple and pretty.

Small Bites

When drinking cocktails, wine, or mimosas in a social setting where conversation is abundant, it’s best to keep bits small and easy to eat unless you have sufficient seating. This also makes it easier for everyone to prepare and bring something to contribute as smaller bites are more convenient to make.

Outside Works Best

For clean up purposes, hosting an event outside usually makes it easier. Also, it adds another element to be outside in nature. Whether you are on a patio, the beach, or in a park, you can let the scenery set the tone and stage for your event!


I think one rule of thumb goes for favors and that is make sure they are things guests will actually use! All of our favors (you can see on the list below) offered wonderful options. Also, re: flower tidbit above.

Easy Dress

Make sure to be comfortable and to dress for the occasion and weather! If you have a certain idea of what guests should wear, let them know!


Hosted, planned, and marketed by:

Yours truly, Jenna of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses and Tiffany of Modern Daydream Living


Brittany of to.b.candid

Aimee of The Ohio Transplant

Lauren of Bohemian by the Bay

Lauren of Live, Happy, Inspired

Ashley of Crafts and Cocktails

Carlina of Allergic to Vanilla

Nichole of Who Goes Wear

Kelly of Birdie Shoots

Ashley of Two Peas in a Prada

Photographer Andrea Posadas

Venue/ Food/Drink:

Scotland Yard

Amazing Sponsors and Contributors:

Petit Pot – Delicious cookies and custards! YUM!

Sift – Pretty and tasty macarons!

Azil Boutique – Gorgeous jewelry!

Cotton On – Summer threads for Tiff and I

Iron Horse Vineyards – Celebratory champs- delish!

Dermaplus – Hydrating, wonderful face masks

Papabubble SF – Yummy SF themed candies!

Orchard Supply – Succulents for days!

Esselle – Card holders!

Etta and Billie – Amazing soaps!

Sunnybrooke – Delectable smelling candles!

Sephora – Cosmetics and hand masks! Love ’em! Thanks Lauren :o)

Bare Minerals – Face wash and face cream that smells and feels like heaven!

*If any of you have any questions about the vendors/sponsors/products, please do not hesitate to reach out! Tiffany and I collaborated with them all because we genuinely LOVE what they offer and feel very lucky to have had each and every one of them a part of our event! The contributions made the afternoon that much more special!

Thank you all- we love you!






Thanks again! 🙂


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