Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


Odds are if you are an Instagram Queen or a big ole foodie, you have heard of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. White tile with hot pink neon lights proudly displaying “I Got Baked in San Francisco” ring a bell? Perhaps a trendy pink peace sign? Or displays of baked, sugary, carby goodness spewing out custards and candied fruits that look so perfect that you can practically smell the gloriousness wafting in the air? Nah? Well you are in for a treat!

I ventured over there a rainy Sunday ago and picked out a few treats. A vanilla custard donut, a strawberry and jalenpeno cruffin, and a pear and gorgonzola Danish were my picks! Then, with my adorable peace sign coffee in hand, I proceeded to walk over a mile home down Polk Street, and with the desperate will of a blogger who wants a good pic of her treats, somewhow didn’t eat them on my walk. Getting home though was quite a treat as Jason and I taste tested them…and then I went little piglet crazy on them all. Proudly so!

If you are ever visiting, you gotta check them out! Absolutely scrumptious! What I loved most? Besides of obvious? They were fresh and had creative combinations of classic pastries!

I now apologize for taking away whatever will you had to eat healthy today but you know where to go now for your next treat yo’self day! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a must-visit!








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  • This looks awesome! I’m totally going to have to check it out next time I’m in the city. I live in the east bay, but I make it over the bridge occasionally. 🙂

    • The East Bay has so many gems too though! But absolutely next time you’re over this way, you gotta try it!! Soooo good!

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