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Being in my late twenties, I have my eyes wide open when it comes to things I was perhaps careless about before in my beauty regime. I don’t use a brush on wet hair anymore, I put on wrinkle cream nightly, I let my hair air dry whenever I can, and I don’t use any products with harsh chemicals. This is something I have reiterated a lot throughout my posts as I’m pretty passionate about sharing new, natural products I find with you, but just in case you are a newbie reader (welcome!) I figured I’d fill ya in. ;o)

It might seem that the more natural beauty products are less on display at drugstores or where you usually buy products and it’s just because there are fewer but Whole Foods Market offers a fantastic collection of products that are made with only the good, natural stuff that will keep you pretty AND healthy (more importantly).

Recently, they sent me over a few samples of only natural make-up and skincare products and I have to say, there really wasn’t a single one that I didn’t think was wonderful. The best part? I feel safe when lathering my face with a new cream or mask or swiping color onto my lips or lashes. There is no thought in the back of my mind that is uneasy and that is what I loved most about the products.

See below some feedback about my favorite products from the samples. These things I will definitely be keeping in my beauty bag!

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 Derma-e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

 I am already a huge fan of Derma-e products so I knew this was going to be a hit for me. The charcoal mask is hydrating and cleansing. I even use it as spot treatment in some of my problem areas and it does the job! Derma-e offers great formulas that really work and is one of the brands that you feel slightly surprised to learn how natural it is because he definitely has a stronger element to it.

Burt’s Bees Lipstick

I really liked this product. It has the consistency of a chapstick and since it’s infused with color, you’re getting the best of both worlds. While wearing this I didn’t have to worry about lipstick on my teeth but I got compliments on my natural lip stain. (Thanks rando girl on the bus!) It feels nice when sliding it on and hydrating too, also a plus!

Mineral Fusion Mascara

I have to say my favorite thing about this product was the wand. I love angled ones that perfectly fit the curve of your lash line. It’s an easy and satisfying swipe!  The mascara itself is a bit thicker but I liked that because it was infused with minerals which are definitely needed for our poor lashes that are just dry in mascara formula most days. I felt like my lashes were hydrated all day with a nice full pop of thickness to highlight my eyes.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil

I mixed the oil with my night cream and it added some extra hydration and vitamins to my skin, leaving it significantly smoother. Since I’m all about anything that I can put on my face that diminishes wrinkles or acne, this product was great!

Check out Whole Foods for cosmetics next time! There are so many wonderful products, these ones I just gravitated to a little bit more based on my own current needs.


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